Annesta Won $909.60 (344 Straight in Ontario)!


Hi Anthony, I am so excited to inform you that the code system has worked in Ontario, Canada. I followed your instructions as per your email on Tuesday and the gift of North Carolina. I got the hottest codes and index numbers. The two top codes gave an index number of 14, less than the ideal of 16.5 as required, so I added the next line which brought it to 19, and 7 numbers to play @ $1.00 per draw. I played both straight and box giving me a winning of $909.60. Thank you for all your hard work. I am getting better because of your coaching!

PS. I decided to play with real money yesterday because I got my 5 hits on paper last week. It was exciting seeing the numbers I had on paper played, 10 out of 14. 3 straight, and 7 box!



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