887 Straight in California

Here is a recent straight hit from a sheet. Below is the sheet for CA for OCT 29. 887 is one of the 8 straight numbers for the week. It hit 3 days later on November 1. Sheets are available for purchase HERE.

STRAIGHT Coding using B9

See this post. Now both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 programs give you B9 (Box 9). Both boxes look the same. The output now looks like this: B9 is now good for ALL states (including OHIO where the cold digits on the bottom work best). So no need to decide which digits are better […]

478 Straight in New York

I mentioned this before; the top number in the box will hit straight sometimes. It just did in New York. Notice that 478 was the top number in the box last week as well. 478 was the top number in the box on October 1 and October 8 (you always get the box on Saturday […]

Programs Moved

I moved the 60 number program that gives you the top 5 and bottom 5 digit playlist to the top. These two programs give you the 4 LOCATIONS. I also moved the Reference Box-10 program higher up. Enter the last 200 numbers to get a good idea of what numbers to play in the FIRST […]


I have a very powerful 5 straight number system that I just came up with. Here is how you use it: Get the 10 most due straight FRONT pairs in your state. You get these by entering the last 200 numbers that hit your state into this program: Best Programs> RUNDOWN-DUE PAIRS> STATIC 40> STATIC […]

The TABLE System for STRAIGHT Hits

This is something I just added to my NY Excel sheet. This system predicted 445….STRAIGHT. This system predicted 274….STRAIGHT. This system predicted 579….STRAIGHT. I explain this system in the TABLE System PDF which you can download HERE. The Excel sheet is under the report. ========================================================= Below is the Table for New York for this week […]

36 Straight Numbers for This Week (May 16-22)

ARIZONA36 Straight NumbersGood for Two Weeks (May 16-29)230 233 234 250 253 254 270 273 274130 133 134 150 153 154 170 173 174410 416 417 420 426 427 430 436 437910 916 917 920 926 927 930 936 937 ARKANSAS36 Straight NumbersGood for Sunday to Saturday (May 16-22)010 011 016 070 071 076 080 […]

Straight Hit Report for May 9-15

ARKANSAS574 Hit Straight on Monday May 10.080 Hit Straight on Wednesday May 12. CONNECTICUT018 Hit Straight on Sunday May 9. GEORGIA426 Hit Straight on Monday May 10. INDIANA509 Hit Straight on Monday May 10. KENTUCKY857 Hit Straight on Sunday May 9. MARYLAND962 Hit Straight on Wednesday May 12.960 Hit Straight on Thursday May 13. MISSOURI293 […]

36 Straight Numbers for May 9-15

I am testing out a new straight number system. This system is still a work in progress but some of the numbers below should hit this week. These numbers are good for two weeks for one draw per day states. ARIZONA36 Straight NumbersGood for Two Weeks (May 9-22)230 233 234 250 253 254 270 273 […]

3 NEW Programs (Coming Soon!)

I have some exciting news! I will be adding 3 new programs soon. The first two are two more versions of the Visual Distributionprogram. One will only work with 150 numbers. This means thatif you copy a large list into the program (say 200 or morenumbers), the program will only use the first 150 numbersand […]