5271 STRAIGHT in North Carolina

I posted 15 box numbers for the Win 4 game on this POST on Tuesday October 9. I used numbers starting from Saturday October 7 (two days before). These numbers are good for 2 WEEKS. This means that the 15 numbers are good from Sunday October 8 to Saturday October 21. Click on the link below to […]

870 Straight in North Carolina

You can purchase a list of straight numbers for your state for $20. This includes 20 day access to my programs as well. Click below to open up a report for North Carolina that someone purchased at the start of the month. 20-NORTH CAROLINA-OCT-1 870 is on the list. 870 hit straight on Wednesday, October 11 as […]

This is Good (Straight Numbers for GEORGIA!)

EMAIL I JUST GOT Hey Anthony; we talked before about 5dimes new Lottery page. Can you manually type in multiple numbers in the square box or just one number at a time? I already know you can’t copy and paste multiple numbers. MY RESPONSE Yes; when I put in my 20 numbers I type them […]


I have two offers. The first offer is FREE: If you play Texas numbers, I have two gifts for you.  Email me with SEND 2 FREE TEXAS REPORTS on the subject line of your email to get two free reports for Texas. One of these reports has STRAIGHT numbers good for this coming week in Texas. […]

20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS for Your CA, TX, OH, etc.

Someone purchased the list of 20 straight numbers for CALIFORNIA last night. I did the workout and I just sent the person the list. One of the 20 numbers should hit CA straight in 1 to 3 weeks. Also, this list will give this player clues on the types of numbers that will be hitting CA in […]

How to Hit Win 4 Straight

I just got an email from a player who wants to hit Win 4/Pick 4 straight. I have a couple of suggestions on how to achieve them, which I explain in the report below. Simply click on the link to open this PDF. Its FREE! How to Hit Win 4 Straight

A BETTER Straight Number System (Less Numbers to Play)

I have a few exciting announcements. First of all, I have taken the 25 Group System and divided the groups in half, so now there are 50 groups of 20 numbers each (50 X 20 =1000). This is a big improvement because it’s more affordable to play 20 straight numbers than 40 straight numbers. Second, […]