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The Followers in VIRGINIA

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ALPHA-32: Hitting 5 out of 7 in NY and IL

I just got this email: Hi Anthony – Started to track the Alpha-32 program in New York and Illinois in the last 2 weeks and noticed that I was getting hits from the bottom 16 numbers more then the top 16 numbers. I started playing on Monday both states and after 2 days (only 7 […]

The Consolidated Followers in FLORIDA

If you have purchased my followers, you should be using CONSOLIDATED list. This is the latest and most up to date list. However, you will have to use other lists and systems (Alpha, Meta, Rundown List, etc) to shorten the list because its too long (40 to 50 numbers). Here is a recent example of […]


ATTENTION purchasers of The Followers and Money Club members: Check your inbox. I just sent you a Very Important Update to the Follower system (sent from my moneymachine email). I just sent you the Consolidated Followers. This improved and updated list will DRAMATICALLY increase the number of hits you will get playing the Pick 3 game. […]

810 Just Hit MICHIGAN

Here is real world example of the powerful strategy I discuss on my last Kindle (STRATEGY 51-51-80).  810 just hit Michigan: Notice that 160 hit Michigan last night. Yes, 810 is a follower of 160…but its even better than that! If you already purchased the followers: …go to page 16 of document F000-F999. There […]

My Best Pick 3 System (May 2020)

This is my latest Kindle. I posted the first part of this Kindle for free on my website. However, the second part of this Kindle has NEW information on how to narrow down the last two sets of 51 followers to a short list of about 19 to 25 numbers. These numbers hit more frequently […]

3 Hits in GEORGIA!

If you play Georgia you will have to experiment with the 17 followers and see what patterns you find. I see several possibilities. Here is something I just saw in Georgia. The midday number in Georgia on FRIDAY (May 15) was 162. The numbers 891, 360, and 802 hit the following day.  Incredibly, all 3 […]

Use Stratey 22 in NORTH CAROLINA

The 51-51-80 strategy I explained in my last free report works very well in New York and several other states – but it does does work so well in others. In other states the 17 followers work best. For example, it looks like the 17 followers work very well in NORTH CAROLINA. For example, 060 […]

Recent Hits from The Followers

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