Basic Box

The Basic Box System

I just wrote a brand new report explaining my Basic Box program. However, in the report I explain a pen a paper system you can use to identify THREE digits that tend to hit in the next TWO drawings in your states Pick 3 game. You can use this information to reduce any list; just […]

The Super 6 (New Report!)

New Report….Click on link below to  open it. The Super 6

SPECIAL: 60 Day Access for $60 (This Weekend Only)

Things are picking up! I have posted the straight numbers for several states for this month based on a new straight number system I am working on. The numbers are on this PAGE. I will be very interested to see how many of these numbers hit this month! Also my new Pick 3 book should be out this […]

076 Just Hit NY (Digit 0 predicted) See Attached Report

076 just hit New York. The three digits for today are 0-3-9 and I have been predicting the first digit for 3 days now, as you can see on this page: LESSON: It will sometimes take 1 to 3 days for the due FIRST or SECOND digit to hit. See report below to learn why you should only focus […]

Calendar Tracking System – Jan 1-17

If you have read my Calendar Tracking System report, you should know exactly what the image below means.     

Two New Reports on Key Digits

I like the digit 2 for today Sunday January 18.  See the two reports below to learn why. Only Play the FIRST or SECOND Digit-JAN-17 Use Other Programs to Find ONE Digit

Only Play the FIRST or SECOND Digit (NEW Report!)

NEW Report! Only Play the FIRST or SECOND Digit-JAN-17

85 Numbers for Thursday January 15

Lesson learned; lets move on. 85 Numbers for Thursday January 15  I am giving myself 4 changes to hit (2 days). Betting Sequence: $21.25—-$42.50—-$85—–$170 Good for Thursday Jan 15 Basic Box 10 Numbers used: 205 928 106 592 510 206 670 126 729 155 Hottest Digits for the Next Two Drawings: 2-6-3 Coldest/Missing: 4 Playlist […]

312 Straight Numbers for NY for Wednesday Jan 14

Good for Wednesday Jan 14 Basic 52 10 Numbers used: 106 592 510 206 670 126 729 155 180 831 Hottest Digits for the Next Two Drawings: 1-6-3 Coldest/Missing: 4 Playlist 1-6-3 046 056 067 068 069 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 134 137 138 139 145 146 147 148 149 156 157 […]

312 Straight Numbers for NY for Tuesday Jan 13

Plan a 2-day betting sequence starting today.  Play all 52 inside numbers straight today for 0.25 cents for midday. If you hit, stop playing. If none of the numbers hit, play the same numbers for 0.25 straight for the evening game. If none of the inside numbers hit today, play them for 0.50 cents tomorrow for […]