California–016, 038, 034, 145

I was able to code the California game very quickly. These four numbers are good for CA this week(from today until Saturday July 10): 016, 038, 034, 145 I am willing to code any state you want for $60. I will give you the corresponding excel sheet andexplain how to use it. It will give […]

New York Special: 569, 579, 368, 069

I just coded the New York game using the new 200 numbercoding program (see below). > STRAIGHT PICK 3 CODING-40> STRAIGHT PICK 3 CODING-30> STRAIGHT PICK 3 CODING-50> PICK 3 CODING PROGRAM> PICK 3 CODING PROGRAM-200 <<———-NEW PROGRAM> STRAIGHT GROUP MATCHING 360> STRAIGHT GROUP MATCHING 300> GROUP MATCHING SYSTEM-800> GROUP MATCHING SYSTEM-600 Based on the hottest […]

NEW Strategies for the Pick 3 Game!

I predicted 456 for NY for yesturday. The number 945 hit last night (the 6 flipped and hit as a 9). I predicted 701 for New York for TODAY (Friday March 20). The number 109 just Hit New York (I was off by a digit). (You can get my daily predictions if you are on my […]

350 Drawings (ALL States)–FREE TRAINING/Access

I have some announcements. First, when coding, use the last 350 codes. This goes for all states. Use the last 350 codes to identify the TWO hotttest pairs in your codes. You do this by using the Pair Frequency Finder programs. > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER-350 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER 200 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER 150 > PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER […]

Coding Skills NOT Required (Just Use These 2 Programs)

Below is a question I just got and my detailed answer. QUESTION Hi AA, I am very sorry to bother you but I am not able to do the coding. I would like to stay a member of the system. so when I can use it I will. Thank you. RESPONSE You know…there are two programs that […]

260 Straight in NY: Sent to Gold Members Last Night (I won $675)

I just hit 260 straight in New York. I won $675.  Groups 7 and 16 are the two most due groups in New York right now and the number 260 is in group 7 (you will have to learn my G25 system to understand how I came up with these groups). I  have been placing […]

I Hit 156 Straight Last Night (My 3rd Straight Hit This Week!)

The NEW VIP Programs are Up and Running!

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Learn My Coding System – for FREE

I have been getting STRAIGHT hits in the New York Pick 3 game consistently in the last few months. I actually got TWO straight hits this week: I hit 078 straight on Wednesday August 3 and I hit 520 straight on Tuesday August 2. These straight hits are based on my Coding System. I explain […]

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