Coding Skills NOT Required (Just Use These 2 Programs)

Below is a question I just got and my detailed answer. QUESTION Hi AA, I am very sorry to bother you but I am not able to do the coding. I would like to stay a member of the system. so when I can use it I will. Thank you. RESPONSE You know…there are two programs that […]

260 Straight in NY: Sent to Gold Members Last Night (I won $675)

I just hit 260 straight in New York. I won $675.  Groups 7 and 16 are the two most due groups in New York right now and the number 260 is in group 7 (you will have to learn my G25 system to understand how I came up with these groups). I  have been placing […]

I Hit 156 Straight Last Night (My 3rd Straight Hit This Week!)

The NEW VIP Programs are Up and Running!

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Learn My Coding System – for FREE

I have been getting STRAIGHT hits in the New York Pick 3 game consistently in the last few months. I actually got TWO straight hits this week: I hit 078 straight on Wednesday August 3 and I hit 520 straight on Tuesday August 2. These straight hits are based on my Coding System. I explain […]

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A Radical Conclusion (This Changes Everything!)

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