260 Straight in NY: Sent to Gold Members Last Night (I won $675)

I just hit 260 straight in New York. I won $675.  Groups 7 and 16 are the two most due groups in New York right now and the number 260 is in group 7 (you will have to learn my G25 system to understand how I came up with these groups). I  have been placing […]

I Hit 156 Straight Last Night (My 3rd Straight Hit This Week!)

The NEW VIP Programs are Up and Running!

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Learn My Coding System – for FREE

I have been getting STRAIGHT hits in the New York Pick 3 game consistently in the last few months. I actually got TWO straight hits this week: I hit 078 straight on Wednesday August 3 and I hit 520 straight on Tuesday August 2. These straight hits are based on my Coding System. I explain […]

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A Radical Conclusion (This Changes Everything!)

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4 Updates for Friday July 22

I have a service where I update the codes for your state for $60. This means that I will tell you what are hottest codes for your state. All you have to do is enter the last 60 numbers that hit your state (starting from the last drawing on Saturday night) into the R60 Decoding […]