The 3×3 Box Coding System (NEW Product!)

I made a reference to this coding system HERE.

Original system explained HERE.

I am currently writing a report explaining how to code the Pick 3 game in your state using the 3×3 box as the reference point. This product will include an Excel sheet you can use to code your state – also instructions on how to create an Excel sheet for your state on Saturday night. Basically, you get the 200 number Reference Box on Saturday night and enter the digits from the top 3 levels of the box into the Excel sheet and Bingo! The sheet gives you the hottest Pick 3 numbers to play in your state for the coming week (Sunday to Saturday).

And there is more; the box simplifies the Pick 3 game because it usually REMOVES two or three digits – sometimes more. That means that you can disregard those digits for the week (the less digits you focus on, the better). Also, the same number can have several formulas. For example, 978 has more than one formula in the box below (ABC, AEI, ABE). The same with 781 (BEH, CFI, BCF, EFI, etc.). I am not going to give away the secret here, but these two factors combined create something I call Built-in Confirmation System. This “secret system” is inside this coding system. This is all explained in the main PDF report of this system.

This product will be available for purchase in about a week. It will be priced at $79. However, if you pre-order now I will also add 6 MONTHS to your account (if you currently have access, I will add 6 months to your account). If you want to preorder, email me with this on the subject line of your email:

$79-3×3 Coding PLUS 6 MONTHS

I will send you a Paypal invoice for $79. After I get your payment, I will add 6 months to your account. Once the product is up, I will send you an Invitation so you can download the documents (PDFs and Excel sheets). You can email me at (NOTE: after the product is up, it will NOT include 6-month membership—so order NOW).


GOOD NEWS–for PICK 4 Players!

If you play Pick 4 and you previously purchased THIS or THIS product, I have good news for you! I will be coding the Pick 4 game using a 3×4 box (same system applied to the Pick 4 game; it uses the program below).

The locations of the digits are the key components of this coding system. And just like the 3×3 box, this system automatically removes digits (example: digits 0-4-6 are not in the box below). And like the 3×3 box, some numbers have more than one formula (this is a GOOD thing). For example, the number 5238 = ABCD, ABCG, ABIG, ABCH, GHKL, etc.

Here is the good numbers; if you previously purchased one or both of the Pick 4 products I just mentioned, you will get this NEW system for FREE (I will be adding this new system to the two Pick 4 products). This is the UPDATE that I promised for the Pick 4 game before but never got around to it. So if you currently have access to one or both of these Pick 4 products, you don’t have to do anything; I will send out an email once this NEW coding system has been added. UPDATE: Once this new 3×4 Pick 4 coding system is added, the price will go up to $89 – so it would be best (if you play Pick 4) to purchase one or both of them NOW. I recommend THIS ONE.


By the way…if you would like a deeper understanding of the REFERENCE BOX, I recommend you purchase this Kindle. It is only $2.99 on Amazon.

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