The Box Coding System–PICK 4 UPDATE

The box works (see previous post).

The numbers that hit from the box can be coded or classified using this system:

Two numbers you want to keep in mind are the two X numbers. Those are the digits in locations 159 and 357. These two numbers tend to hit in the next 7 days over and over again.

NOTE: If you find this system confusing (its super easy to confuse the codes with the numbers), use this classification system instead:

STRATEGY: You can back test the box in your state for the last 10 weeks (always get the box on Saturday night). See what numbers hit in the next 7 days. Write down their codes. Which codes hit the most?


PICK 4 UPDATE. I will be adding a new report soon to THIS and THIS product explaining a new coding system for the Pick 4 game based on the box below. I will also be adding a new Group Matching program you can use to identity repeating codes (these are special codes made up of both digits and letters; A, B, or C.).

You can get the box for the Pick 4 game using this program (enter the last 200 Pick 4 numbers; only use the top 3 levels).

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