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NEW Matrix PDF Report for August 31

I just wrote a brand new question and answer report on the Matrix Reference Box. Click on the text link below to see it: Matrix-Report-Aug-31

Middle Digits are 3456

Check this out. On August 28 the numbers 018 and 016 hit. What’s missing? The middle digits: 3456. Three of those digits hit today for midday: 456!! Just to be clear: Low: 012 Middle: 3456 High: 789

Box Sequence Digit Analysis

There is a big advantage to laying out the numbers in box form (from lowest to highest digit).  It tells you a lot about what digits should be hitting next. Notice the last two numbers for New York: 456 and 389. What’s missing? The low digits: 012. Prediction: numbers with digits 0, 1, or 2 […]

NEW Updated C100 System Works!

I just made a dramatic improvement to the C100 system. With this new system, you only have to play 40 numbers! That’s way better than 100 numbers. How good is this new updated system? Well, I hit Virginia last night! You can see a screen shoot of my winning below.  I want to get a few […]

Email Me When You See 4 Consecutive Doubles

Please email me if you see a state with 4 or more back to back doubles on I think it’s better if we all work together on this than each person looking up every state every night to see if doubles hit or not that day. As soon as you tell me, I will […]

Only Use the First 3 Digits

The Digit Playlist 100 program is up and running at If you are on my coaching program you can log in and check it out. I made a great discovery today. I found out that you only need the first 3 digits from the Digits Analysis chart, not all 5 digits. This reduces the […]

Using the Top 5 digits on the Digit Playlist 80 program

Here is a little experiment. Just so you know; the 100 C100 numbers started out as the List 80 numbers. I just added 20 numbers to List 80 to create the C100 list. In other words, List 80 is a shorter version of the C100 list. So am running a little experiment. The top 5 […]