Email Me When You See 4 Consecutive Doubles

Please email me if you see a state with 4 or more back to back doubles on I think it’s better if we all work together on this than each person looking up every state every night to see if doubles hit or not that day. As soon as you tell me, I will post the state on my blog or email it out.

Why is 4 or more consecutive doubles such a big deal?

Because singles are about to hit next. This is the best time to start playing the numbers on my lists: List 80, Basic-55, Power Numbers, and C100. All the numbers on these lists are singles. The C100 system works best after 4 or more doubles hit.

My email is


Update: it looks like it may be easier to get this information from the lottery post results page because you can easily go to the previous day just by clicking on the calendar.

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