ONE Number System

ONE Straight Pick 3 Number System

This is the ULTIMATE Pick 3 System. It may or may not work in your state. To find out you will have to back test this system by going back at least 10 weeks. First, see this post:BOX 9 (More Hits!) | Pick3 Master 333 And this one (disregard the coding; just want you to […]

ONE Number System: 147

I am predicting ONE number for New York: 147. This number can hit any way: 147, 174, 417, 471, 714, or 741. I am not sure when it will hit, but it will hit. I will be adding a new report to this product explaining the system I used:

245 Just Hit NEW JERSEY

Here is I posted for New Jersey two days ago HERE: The MEGA TREND for NEW JERSEYApril 6, 2021 The Six Hottest Digits in NEW JERSEY8 4 3 2 5 6 Wheeling ProgramWheel 843256:234 235 236 238 245 246 248 256 258 268345 346 348 356 358 368 456 458 468 568 The number 245 […]

The ONE Number System

The Mega Trend is cool. One problem: Too many factors to consider. Trying to decide between all the digits andpairs and numbers to play can be confusingand frustrating. Meanwhile…..a very simple and straightforwardPick 3 system has caught my attention recently. This system is super simple. Here it is:All you have to do is to find […]