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The Leader Masterlist (NEW Report!)

Check your inbox if you are on my email list and you should see my latest report titled The Leader Masterlist. If you are not on my list or if you don’t see the report in your inbox, email me with SEND LEADER MASTERLIST on the subject line of your email and I will email […]


I have a FREE 10 DAY PICK 3 TRAINING PROGRAM consisting of two parts: a book and the use of my programs. You will get Volume 1 (my first Kindle book on Amazon) and 10 Day Access to my programs – 100% FREE of charge (there is no catch here; this is really totally FREE!). […]

The Basics of the Leader System

Just to be clear; the Leader System is probably the BEST system I have ever come up with (and I have created many systems over the years). The Leader System requires the use of two programs. The first program is Revelation 605. You enter the last 60 numbers that hit your state into this program. […]

How to Get The Last 2 Leader Reports (and Access to my Programs)

Click on link below to open my latest report.  $14-LAST-TWO-REPORTS-ACCESS

Hit Report for Wednesday May 31 (10 Hits in 7 Days)

Just a quick reminder: I am now sending out to Gold members two reports per week: on Wednesday morning and on Sunday morning. These reports are based on my Leader System which gives you 6 numbers good for the next 7 days. I explain the Leader System in pages 32 to 50 in Book-80 (email […]

I Hit 409 in South Carolina Today

The number 409 hit South Carolina today (Monday June 5). This number was predicted in the Leader Report I sent out to Gold members on Sunday. I just wrote a report on this hit. Check your inbox if you are on my email list. If you are not, email me with SEND 409 REPORT on […]


If you are on my email list, you get emails from me on a regular basis. I use a special service to send out these emails. However, I have noticed that the emails I send out can take up to 3 days to arrive on someone’s inbox. This means that an email I send out […]