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Texas is up on Amazon!

Texas is up on Amazon! Washington DC is up on Amazon! New Jersey is up on Amazon! Florida is up on Amazon! The other states: Kindle Devise NOT Required: You do NOT need a Kindle device to purchase these Kindle books. When you purchase any of the Kindle books, you […]

138, 534, 268 Are Good for THIS Week Only (New Numbers Every Week)

I want to clarify something. The numbers 138, 534, 268 are only good for THIS week in New York. I will know the numbers for NEXT week on Saturday night (April 30) after the evening drawing when I enter the most recent 60 New York numbers into the program. This is true for ALL states: […]

Win $675 in the Next 4 Weeks

I just sent out Book-32 to the members of the 7 Day Club where I mentioned something that I will explaining in great detail in Secrets-4: The 18 Straight Number System However, you can start learning and using this system right now. FIRST, Read the Updated Book description I have on top of THIS PAGE. SECOND: Join the […]

Indiana is up on Amazon!

Indiana is up on Amazon! Make sure to read the top of this page for details on how to use the information in the 27 Report books.  

Illinois is up on Amazon! (100 Codes, Secrets-4)

Illinois is up on Amazon! Florida is up on Amazon! FROM = Coding will be the #1 skill in my approach to the Pick 3 game from this point forward. My best strategies now are based on you collecting codes for your state (based on the Revelation Box for the week) and […]

Hot Codes for California. This Week: 076, 277, 128, 088

Someone just emailed me 107 codes for California. I have NOT confirmed these codes yet. However, assuming the list is correct, the hottest codes for California based on the 107 California codes below are: 134 232 313 143. I decided to enter the 60 California numbers for THIS week into the R60 Decoding Program (you […]

New York: 534, 268, 138

The 3 hottest codes in New York are: Code 314 = which gives you number 534 this week. Code 432 = which gives you number 268 this week. Code 212 = which gives you number 138 this week. I saw two codes giving the same number last week, that is not the case this week. […]

Florida is up on Amazon!

Florida is up on Amazon! All the 27 Report kindle books that are up on Amazon have a link over the book cover on this page:

Book-31 is up on Amazon!

Testimonial: 3 Hits in One Week!

Hi! I will definitely join your paid membership. It’s really worth it Mr. Anthony. I got so far 3 hits this week and still long way to go. Still learning new things everyday. I am going to review your 7 day books this week. It really works. Thank you so much for all your work […]