Pick 5, Pick 4, ABCDE, Money List

EMAIL I JUST GOT How are you? Anymore good news? The pick 5 is kicking me on the side of my head but at least I got a couple box hits so far using the ABCDE system. MY RESPONSE You definitely have to stick with box numbers with the Pick 5 game (example; 56891, 78123). I actually think that […]

Wealth Report Update for May 2019

I put out the Wealth Report Kindle a while back: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071CLM66Y (I used Mike Strong as a pen name.) I just sent out an email with a very important UPDATE where I reveal a NEW and faster way to make money. If you did not get the email, email me with SEND WEALTH UPDATE on […]

If you NEED Money Right Now-Do This

I just got an email from someone who wants me to give her just ONE number to play in the Georgia Win 4 game – and I got another email from someone who is in desperate need of money; so they will be playing my numbers in hope of making some money quick (not a […]

How to Make a Fortune Playing Double-Doubles and Triples in the Win 4 Game! $3000 to $6750 PER MONTH!

I just figured out how to make a fortune playing the Win 4 game! It just so happens that double-doubles (2244, 5588, 6677, etc) and triples (1444, 2888, 5999, etc) hit EVERY month in all the states I looked at (from the 1st to the 31st of the month). For example, 2 triples  have hit […]

How to Get $35,000

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My Wealth Building System

Click on the link below to open a PDF where I discuss my 3-part Wealth Building System.  My Wealth Building System

The Wealth Building System (Report Sent)

I just sent out a report to those who read my Wealth Report Kindle: Credit Repair Wealth Building System https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071CLM66Y If you have not read this Kindle, I suggest you do. (If you email me the code on the last page of the Kindle I will email you the PDF edition). If you would like to […]