3×3 Box Coding System

NY: 147 148 178 478 (71-74-78)

I am currently writing a report explaining a Pick 3 coding system based on the 3×3 box and I just found something interesting. The coding system is based on this generic box: 1-2-34-5-67-8-9 I got the codes for NY from the last 28 weeks and I decided to find the hottest PAIRS in the codes […]

Look for Touching Digits in the Box-147

Always get the 3×3 box for your state on Saturday night. The box is good for the next two weeks. This means that you will always be looking at TWO boxes for your state (these weeks and last weeks box). If you are new, I explain the system HERE. LOOK at the box carefully. You […]

The 3×3 Box Coding System (NEW Product!)

I made a reference to this coding system HERE. Original system explained HERE. I am currently writing a report explaining how to code the Pick 3 game in your state using the 3×3 box as the reference point. This product will include an Excel sheet you can use to code your state – also instructions […]