NY: 147 148 178 478 (71-74-78)

I am currently writing a report explaining a Pick 3 coding system based on the 3×3 box and I just found something interesting. The coding system is based on this generic box:


I got the codes for NY from the last 28 weeks and I decided to find the hottest PAIRS in the codes (I am treating the codes as numbers; so I just enter all the codes into the Pair Frequency Finder program). The top 3 pairs (for this and next week) are 71-74-78. However, I noticed from previous weeks that I can just wheel the individual digits in the pairs because those numbers actually hit. So the four digits here are 7148. This means that one of these four numbers should hit NY this (or next) week: 147 148 178 478.

Once you learn to code your state, you will be able to find the hot pairs (and numbers) for your state as well. This product can be purchased NOW for $79 (this includes 6 Month access to my programs). Once the product is ready, I will send you an Invitation to download the documents explaining the coding system (however, you must pre-purchase to get the 6 months). For more details, go HERE.

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