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20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS for Your CA, TX, OH, etc.

Someone purchased the list of 20 straight numbers for CALIFORNIA last night. I did the workout and I just sent the person the list. One of the 20 numbers should hit CA straight in 1 to 3 weeks. Also, this list will give this player clues on the types of numbers that will be hitting CA in […]

All My Best Strategies Organized and Simplified in One Report!

  I sat down recently and organized my best strategies into a simple to understand format. I took out all the fluff and strategies that do not work and only kept the best. I then explained what those strategies are and where to find them. If you are new, you will LOVE this report: it will help […]

How to Hit Win 4 Straight

I just got an email from a player who wants to hit Win 4/Pick 4 straight. I have a couple of suggestions on how to achieve them, which I explain in the report below. Simply click on the link to open this PDF. Its FREE! How to Hit Win 4 Straight

A BETTER Straight Number System (Less Numbers to Play)

I have a few exciting announcements. First of all, I have taken the 25 Group System and divided the groups in half, so now there are 50 groups of 20 numbers each (50 X 20 =1000). This is a big improvement because it’s more affordable to play 20 straight numbers than 40 straight numbers. Second, […]

8 STRAIGHT Hits in North Carolina!

Click on link below to open my latest PDF Report! 8 STRAIGHT HITS IN NORTH CAROLINA  

19 Straight Numbers for New York (9-4-2017)

One or more of these 19 straight numbers should hit New York in the next 1 to 3 weeks: 048, 091, 167, 238, 246, 290, 472, 509, 538 562, 573, 632, 815, 820, 832, 914, 923, 943, 962 I actually started out with 20 numbers….but 271 already hit, as you can see HERE.  These straight numbers […]