156 and 159 for Washington DC this Week

Click on link below to open this FREE PDF Report for Washington DC! 156 and 159 in WASH-DC-this-Week NOTE: 7 Day Club members already have Book-33. I emailed it out to them this morning. It will be up on Amazon tomorrow (hopefully). To learn how you can get the 7 Day Books¬†early on Sunday morning, […]

Secrets-3 is up on Amazon!

Secrets-3 is up on Amazon! HERE  

547 in NY on Sunday 10-4 (138, 148, 158)

The number 547 hit New York on Sunday. If you have Book 3, look at the bottom two levels of the 60 draw Revelation Box for this week for New York. EASY hit, right? (You may have to read Secrets-1 to get this one). I like the numbers 138, 148, and 158 for New York […]