The Last 6 Hits from my Win 4 System

How about the Win 4/Pick 4 game? I have a system for the Win 4 game as well. Unfortunately, this system is only for the New York Win 4 game. However, you can benefit from the generous $375 and $750 payouts if you have a 5dimes account. Before I explain that in more detail, I […]

4738 Hit New York Today (Predicted by My System)

See my previous post. In the PDF on that post I discussed my new Win 4 System for New York. This system gives you 10 numbers for the New York Pick 4 game…and 3478 was one of the 10 numbers for this week. It hit today for midday as 4738. I missed the hit because of […]

Book-3 is Coming!–Win 4 System for New York

I have two exciting announcements! Click on the link below to open a PDF with all the details! Book 3-Win 4 System for NY

I Just Hit 2184 Box in New York

I also hit 8041 last week.  I may have found a system for the Win 4 game that sounds almost too good to be true, but so far, its working; I got two hits so far – and I only had to play about 10 numbers. I actually could have just played maybe 5 numbers […]

Win 4 Double-Doubles and Triples for New York (Experiment)

I am running a little experiment in New York this week with these 18 Win 4 numbers. Seven are double-doubles and 11 are triples. These are good for 7 days; April 1 to April 7. These numbers pay so much at 5dimes that even if I got ONE hit per month, I will still show […]

60 Win 4 Numbers for New York

My coding system can also be used to code the Win 4 game. Below are 60 box numbers for the New York Win 4 game for this week. These numbers are based on six hot triples based on the codes for the last 28 weeks in New York (392 codes). Those triples are 938, 936, 985, […]

Coding the Win 4 Game!

NEW Report! Click on the link below to open it! What is Coding-Short Report (Win 4)