Win 4 Training (20 Lessons)

For those of you who have been asking me about the Win 4/Pick 4 game…..I have a training consisting of 20 lessons (20 emails). This training explains (step by step) exactly how to go about coding the Win 4 game using the Visual Digit Distribution 440 program (see below) and an excel sheet, which is […]

A New Strategy (Texas, Win 4)

I just got this email. If you have access to my programs, you may want to experiment with the 5-way, 6-way, and 7-way numbers mentioned below in both the Pick 3 and Win 4 games. I enter the last 200 numbers that hit Texas into these 7 Programs: Alpha-16, Meta Numbers, 20-Straight Numbers, Super 8 […]


I am working on something BIG for the Win 4 game. The first part of the system I have in mind requires knowing the due pairs in the Pick 4 game. The program that tells you this is already up: TOP WIN 4 PROGRAMS > 10-DUE PAIRS-4    <————————NEW Program! > 100-NEW YORK STRAIGHT-54 > […]


Two people just asked me if I have anything for Pick 4 Doubles. Here is what I came up with (I will work on this myself when I have the time). Divide the 360 doubles into 10 groups of 36 numbers each. Now look at the most recent double that hit your state (say its 0025). […]

TEXAS (Nov 17-23)–9075 8756 9037 0372 1346 3452 3562

The numbers below are good for Texas for this week only; November 17 to the 23. The numbers are good for all 4 drawings. Play them Box and Straight. The 7 numbers on the top line are the best: 9075 8756 9037 0372 1346 3452 3562. Texas (Nov 17-23) 9075 8756 9037 0372 1346 3452 3562 […]

WISCONSIN (NOV 17-DEC 7)–3410 3408 4908 2339 3998

*The numbers below are good for WISCONSIN Win 4 game for 3 weeks. *These numbers are good until DEC 7. *Play them Box and Straight. *The Best 5 Numbers are: 3410 3408 4908 2339 3998 WISCONSIN (NOV 17 to DEC 7) 3410 3408 4908 2339 3998 5618 5298 5210 5310 6210 2317 2410

WIN 4 Numbers for FL, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, VA

The numbers below are good for 14 days (this and next week). The numbers are good for both the midday and evening drawings. Play them Box and Straight. The numbers on the top line are the best. The first 8 numbers from the top line are the best. For example, the best numbers for Florida […]

3182 Just Hit New York

The number 3812 was one of the numbers in last weeks list. It just hit New York as 3182. That is why the numbers of this system are good for TWO weeks; if they don’t hit this week, they could hit NEXT week.  6 WEEK WIN 4 SPECIAL: I am giving away the Win 4 […]

3514 Just Hit New York

One of the numbers for New York on my Win 4 list was 3154 (sent out on Sunday to my New York list). It did not hit…but 3514 just hit. So I got a box hit ($93). Below is the proof.  Notice that it says that I played 17 numbers. That is about how many […]

I Just Won $562–5888 Just Hit New York!

I sent out a special report yesturday to MONEY CLUB members explaining my NEW and UPDATED Win 4 System. On the report (document 1, page 24) I listed the straight numbers to play in New York this week and 8858 is one of those numbers. I also recommended on that page to play it BOX […]