60 Win 4 Numbers for New York

My coding system can also be used to code the Win 4 game. Below are 60 box numbers for the New York Win 4 game for this week. These numbers are based on six hot triples based on the codes for the last 28 weeks in New York (392 codes). Those¬†triples are 938, 936, 985, […]

Coding the Win 4 Game!

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How to Win $9000 Playing Win 4

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How to Make $1827 Every Week Playing Win 4!

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The Win 4 DAILY HITS Program is up! (TODAYS Numbers)

Good news! The Daily Hits program for the Win 4 game is up! GOLD SPECIAL > WIN 4 DAILY HITS <<<<==== NEW Program! > 20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS > THE 50 GROUPS This is a Gold members only program.¬†If you are a Gold member, you can login right now and enter the last 4 numbers that […]

Variation, NEW DAILY HITS Programs!

The Pick 3 numbers I posted today are a variation of the system I am explaining in Book-3. I am not sure if it will work as good at the “official” system. However, with this variation of the system you would keep the same three key digits and playlist if none of the three digits […]

Complete Success! (FREE Win 4 Predictions!)

The Win 4 numbers I posted this morning are based on the same strategy I am explaining on the Daily Hits Kindle I am writing for the Pick 3 game right now (Book-3). And the system actually works better in the Win 4 game than it does in the Pick 3 game. The system was […]