3182 Just Hit New York

The number 3812 was one of the numbers in last weeks list. It just hit New York as 3182. That is why the numbers of this system are good for TWO weeks; if they don’t hit this week, they could hit NEXT week. 


6 WEEK WIN 4 SPECIAL: I am giving away the Win 4 numbers for FREE right now. However, once I have them ready for a few more states, it will become a paid service. It will be called the WIN 4 CLUB. Membership will be $60 for 4 WEEKS. This should be enough time for you to get at least ONE STRAIGHT hit in the Win 4 game. This should pay $2,250, $5,000, or even $9,000 (if played online or the store near you).

Most of the hits will be boxed; but at least ONE of them should hit straight during the 4 weeks. However, if you join now, you will get my Win 4 numbers for FREE and once I start selling membership to the WIN 4 CLUB, your membership will be good for 6 WEEKS (4 weeks + 2 extra weeks). This will include 6 weeks of Gold membership (access to all my programs).

If you want to join, email me with $60-X-46, with X being your state. So if you play Texas, email me with $60-TEXAS-46 on the subject line of your email. I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60 and you will keep getting my Win 4 numbers for FREE. You will get 6 weeks of Gold membership right away.

The 6 weeks start once I send you the numbers for your state.

You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

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