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Florida Win 4 Program Coming Soon!

I will be putting up several Win 4 programs in the Gold section of my site over the next few weeks for Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, etc. These programs will give you 70 DOUBLES because I have found that doubles are the BEST numbers to target in the Win 4 game..and 70 seems to be […]

I Hit 3858 Box in NY Last Night

New Report! Click on the link below to open this FREE PDF report. i-hit-3858-box-wed-feb-22 Email me with “Send Book-75” on the subject line of your email if you have not received Book-75. My email is

Get Book-75 for FREE (My Most Advanced Material)

I sent Book-75 to all Basic, VIP, and Gold members earlier today. However, I want to send it out to everybody who follows my work and reads this blog because I want everybody to be up to date on my latest discoveries. I have made MANY improvements lately and I explain these improvements in Book-75. […]

Basic, VIP, Gold (Special Report for Texas)

I have renamed the “7 Day Club” to Basic membership. I have changed the text on these two pages to reflect this change: Basic membership is still the same: 30 day access to my programs for just $20. This also includes getting my most recent Books during your membership. If you are currently a […]

10 Due Numbers in NY (Feb 15): 029, 036, 037, 146, 237, 238, 256, 257, 269, 357

I am going to run a little experiment in New York with the 10 Number System. I am going to post them here now and then see how long it takes for one of them to hit. You can get the 10 most due numbers in your state using the simple pen and paper workout […]

FREE 10 Day Training Program

I have a FREE 10 DAY TRAINING PROGRAM consisting of two parts: a book and the use of my programs. You will get Volume 1 (my first Kindle book on Amazon HERE and 10 Day Access to my programs – 100% FREE of charge (there is no catch here, this is really totally FREE!). This offer […]

I Hit 704 Straight Today in New York

Good for Sunday Feb 12 New York-40 100 Numbers used: 541 367 731 691 890 508 542 342 852 800 867 363 881 264 366 814 741 215 869 408 320 590 687 705 793 810 859 318 772 683 623 102 881 734 597 168 198 809 624 468 667 715 172 106 376 […]

NEW Report: 367 Just Hit New York

I just sent out a brand new Pick 3 report. If you are on my email list, check your inbox. If you are not on my email list, email me and I will send it to you, along with other Pick 3 reports, for FREE. Email me at or at with SEND NEW REPORT […]

FREE Report: The 10 Number System (It Works!)

EMAIL I Just Got: I would like you to be my coach. I don’t know where to start but I am very interested. I am tired of losing money. My RESPONSE: The first thing you have to do is stop playing. Then read this: Third, find the 10 most due numbers in your state. […]

852 (258) Just Hit New York

The number 258 is one of the 10 due numbers for New York. I explain what that means in The 10 Number System report. Let me know if you don’t have this report. (To get this FREE report simply email me with this on the subject line of your email: “SEND 10 NUMBER SYSTEM REPORT”. You […]