Florida Win 4 Program Coming Soon!

I will be putting up several Win 4 programs in the Gold section of my site over the next few weeks for Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, etc. These programs will give you 70 DOUBLES because I have found that doubles are the BEST numbers to target in the Win 4 game..and 70 seems to be the right amount of numbers to play right now. These programs will have NO singles (they will just be a distraction). Right now it looks like these programs will give you 1, 2 or 3 hits PER WEEK. The proof is HERE. 

However, I will be putting ONE of these Win 4 programs in the regular section of my site. You can use my regular programs for just $20 for 30 days (I call this Basic membership).  This Win 4 program will be for Florida. This Florida program will be up in in 2 or 3 weeks. I will send out an email when this program is up.

Do not let 70 numbers scare you. They can all be played for $17.50 per drawing or $35 per day at 5dimes (played for 0.25 cents). Each win will be $187.50 and based on what I am seeing now you should get 1 ($187.50), 2 ($375) or 3 ($562.50) hits per week.

And here is something I just learned: Stop playing after 2 back to back hits (or two hits that are close to each other). For example, I got a Win 4 hit in NY on Monday (9171 box) and on Wednesday (3858 box). This is my cue to stop playing for the next day or two. I will start playing again tonight or tomorrow. This simple strategy will help me minimize my losses and increase my winnings.

You can learn more about my 4 levels of membership HERE and HERE. 


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