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I Just Hit 079 Straight in New York

I got this hit using the the brand new Straight Number System I have been talking about now for about 3 weeks. I started using this system last week in New York (Sun July 30 to Sat Aug 5) but I got no hits. But I got a hit this week (Sun Aug 6 to […]

Update for April 26 (Exciting Announcements!)

I have some exciting announcements. I will no longer be putting out the weekly books. Instead what I will do is put out reports on an as needed basis. These reports will be based on questions that I get by email from time to time. The following reports are currently available…for FREE! A Straight Number […]

The Followers Super Special: Follower-1, The List, and 60 Day Access (or 90 Day Access)

I am running a “Super Special” today. This Special will give you the Followers-1 book (which introduces and explains the followers) PLUS the actual list of followers (000 to 999) PLUS 60 day access. 2nd Option: If you have these books already, I can give you 90 day access for $60. ============================ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011R50QH8 ============================ https://pick3master333.com/the-list-000-999/ One catch; you […]

FREE Training, 60 Day Access, and Other Payment Options

Things are about to heat up because of the accuracy of the Revelation programs (and some amazing things I am discovering about it). So you definitely want to have access to my programs for the next few months to take advantage of my latest discoveries and breakthroughs. FIRST, take advantage of my FREE 7 day […]

60 Day Access Special Good Until Tuesday Night, June 2

I am extending my special of 60 day access to pick3programs.com for $60 until Tuesday night. Email me if interested with “60 Day Special” on the subject. My email is aa2newyork@aol.com. This will give you access to my latest and hottest Pick 3 programs…… Best Programs > STRAIGHT GROUP MATCHING 300 (NEW!!) > STRAIGHT GROUP MATCHING > […]

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