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12 Month Special—-April 7

I am running a Special until April 7. The Special is this:You can get access to all my programs forthe next 12 months (now until April 2022)for just $60. If interested, email me with $60–YEARon the subject line of your email and I willsend you a Paypal invoice for $60. You canemail me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com […]

9 MONTH ACCESS for $60!

I have been getting alot of sign ups lately for 3 months ($30). No one is joining at the $60 level (6 months) because there is no real motivation; its still $10 per month either way.  But now there is! I just extended the $60 membership to be for 9 MONTHS. So basically you are […]

Prediction for Several States

I am testing out a new system.  This system gives just a few box numbers as you can see below. I am including the starting date (last night, June 25) because I want to compare that date to the date of the first hit. Right now I am not sure exactly when one of the […]


Money Club members get my Pick 3 predictions on Sunday morning. The numbers are good for 7 days (Sunday to Saturday). This also includes 3 month access to ALL my Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Mega Millions programs. Membership is $60 for 3 months. I am running a Special until the end of […]

196 Hit New York Today (2nd Hit from Lucky 7 System) – The SUPER SPECIAL

I am now seriously considering going back to the Pick 3 game because my Win 4 numbers have not hit in a long time. However, my Lucky 7 System has generated TWO hits so far this week; 679 on Sunday and 196 today (Thursday Jan 24). You can see the hit HERE.  The hot pair is 69 (the 7th […]

3 Days Left! (GOLD Special)

I offer 4 levels of membership: 1-FREE 10 Day Training. This level is completely FREE. Go here for details: https://pick3master333.com/free/ 2-EXPRESS This level is also free. At this level you get all my new reports right away. You get them before my general list gets it. Sometimes I send out special reports just to this list (and not […]

Merry Christmas! (FREE Reports, FREE Training)

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you had a great 2018 (I sure did) and wish for you an even better 2019. Suggestion #1: This is a great time to write out what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. I suggest you write this list, then PRINT it,  then put this list somewhere where you can see it every […]

How to use all my Pick 3 and Pick 4 Programs—for 4 Months!

Quick reminder: Gold membership is 3 months for $60. But I have a Special until midnight December 31: 4 months of Gold membership for $60. Gold membership will give you access to all my Pick 3 and Win 4 programs until APRIL of next year. You can see all my programs on the left hand menu of this PAGE.  […]

4 Months of Gold Special (Expires Tomorrow Night!)

Quick Reminder: Gold membership is normally 3 months for $60. However, I have been running a Special this month where you get 4 months of Gold membership for $60. This will give you access to all my Win 4 and Pick 3 programs until MARCH 31, 2019 (you can see some of the recent Win 4 hits predicted by my Win […]

Get 4 Months of Gold Membership (Now to March 31)

Gold membership will give you access to all my brand new and updated Win 4 programs: Win-4 Programs > NEW YORK 66 > CALIFORNIA 22 > GEORGIA 77 > GEORGIA D88 > MISSOURI 8 > NORTH CAROLINA 6 > TEXAS-20 Singles > TEXAS-27 Doubles > VIRGINIA 9 NEW! I will be adding South Carolina Soon! […]