125 Just Hit GEORGIA

See my previous post.  I posted 40 numbers for Georgia last night and two keys; 5 and 7. I also posted a shorter list of 27 numbers. The number 125 just hit Georgia…and its on both of these lists! But what if I told you that you only had to play 17 numbers to get […]

10 Hits in GEORGIA and 12 Hits in TEXAS!

The Hit Report for last week (May 31-June 6) shows the hits from the Rundown Due-Pairs for the states that I make weekly predictions for. It shows 10 hits in GA and 12 hits in TX! To get this report, email me with SEND HIT REPORT-GA-TX on the subject line of your email and I […]

The DR20 SYSTEM in Georgia (FREE Report!)

NEW Report! Click on link below to open my NEW Report! The DR20 SYSTEM in GEORGIA You can also download it HERE. 

3 Hits in GEORGIA!

If you play Georgia you will have to experiment with the 17 followers and see what patterns you find. I see several possibilities. Here is something I just saw in Georgia. The midday number in Georgia on FRIDAY (May 15) was 162. The numbers 891, 360, and 802 hit the following day.  Incredibly, all 3 […]

GEORGIA Today….849—->> 153

849 hit Georgia this morning (Sunday April 12). 153 hit right after. If you have the list of followers I am using, you could have hit this morning in Georgia because 135 is a follower of 489. For more details, email me with SEND GEORGIA 849-153 EMAIL on the subject line of your email. […]

GEORGIA Win 4 Numbers—SENT!

If you are a Gold, Basic or Express member, check your inbox; I just sent you the Win 4 numbers for GEORGIA for this week. By the way….Express membership is FREE. To join, email me with EXPRESS-ADD ME on the subject line of your email and I will add your email to the list right away. You […]

FOUR Hits in GEORGIA This Week! 8320, 4153, 5260, 0562

I recently put up five Win 4 programs: Win-4 Programs > GEORGIA 774 > MISSOURI 777 > NEW YORK 887 > NORTH CAROLINA 777 > TEXAS 889 I sent out a report with the output of the programs you see above on Saturday (you should have gotten it if you are a Gold, Basic, or […]

A Hot Pair for GEORGIA

NEW Report! Click on the link below to open it.  A Hot Pair for Georgia  

Hit Win 4 STRAIGHT ($9,000) – Secrets Revealed

If you are on my email list, check your inbox. I just sent out the report for Georgia that I promised. But there is much more than just GA numbers in this report. In this report I reveal some incredible discoveries I made last night. For example; I found a way to get a straight hit using my […]

This is Good (Straight Numbers for GEORGIA!)

EMAIL I JUST GOT Hey Anthony; we talked before about 5dimes new Lottery page. Can you manually type in multiple numbers in the square box or just one number at a time? I already know you can’t copy and paste multiple numbers. MY RESPONSE Yes; when I put in my 20 numbers I type them […]