Daily Hits in GEORGIA (FREE Reports)

I just got this testimonial. This player is hitting the Georgia game almost every day! “I am writing you a testimony. I am playing cash 3 daily and cash 4 every 3 days. Because of your system, I am hitting 2 to 3 times a day in Georgia. I will start with cash 3. The […]

8 Straight Numbers for GA: 338 401 500 531 610 775 793 810

8 Straight Numbers for Georgia 338 401 500 531 610 775 793 810  ======================================= These and all the numbers I posted are good until the end of the year. It is best to play the numbers both Box and Straight. 

40 Straight Numbers for GEORGIA

It is now Saturday September 10 and 708 just hit Georgia. I am predicting that one of these 40 straight numbers will hit in the next 1 to 8 drawings. These numbers are based on the G25 system. 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 […]

How to Update the Codes for GEORGIA

I will provide the new updated codes for ALL the states. I will be doing this in my next book series which I am  working on right now. There will be NO work required on your part because the codes will be clearly listed for every state. However, this will take a while and it […]

627 Hit Georgia Today (Predicted in Book-5)

I sent out Book-5 this morning to members of the 7 Day Club (super cheap to join, just $2.99 per week! Email me if you are interested at Anyway, the report had 8 numbers for Georgia for this week and 267 was one of them. Guess what? 627 hit Georgia today! (At least) one […]

Remember That Georgia Report?

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I have a service where I create a Cheat Sheet Report for ANY state at ANY time. I describe this unique service in the middle of this PAGE. Someone bought the report for Georgia on Tuesday (August 25). I mentioned this HERE. I clearly pointed out 6 (SIX) super hot numbers to play in […]

Get the Georgia Report for TODAY, August 25 (Good for the Next 15 Days)

I offer a special service where I create a Cheat Sheet report for any state at any time. I describe this service in the middle of this page. I bring this up because someone just ordered the report for Georgia. For this updated report I use the 300 numbers starting from today: 760, 893, 232, 162….The […]