10 Hits in GEORGIA and 12 Hits in TEXAS!

The Hit Report for last week (May 31-June 6) shows the hits from the Rundown Due-Pairs for the states that I make weekly predictions for. It shows 10 hits in GA and 12 hits in TX! To get this report, email me with SEND HIT REPORT-GA-TX on the subject line of your email and I […]

378 Just Hit Texas

378 just hit Texas. It was predicted by the DR20 system. I suggest using this system day to day in Texas. In other words; wait for the 4th and last number to hit TX tonight to get the 10 or 20 numbers. The numbers you get tonight will be good for the 4 drawings in […]


See the previous post: DO THIS EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT I said in that post that you should get the due pairs for your state on Saturday night. This will give you excellent clues on what numbers will be hitting the following week. For example, the 10 due pairs for Texas for THIS Week (March 15-21) are […]

TEXAS (Nov 17-23)–9075 8756 9037 0372 1346 3452 3562

The numbers below are good for Texas for this week only; November 17 to the 23. The numbers are good for all 4 drawings. Play them Box and Straight. The 7 numbers on the top line are the best: 9075 8756 9037 0372 1346 3452 3562. Texas (Nov 17-23) 9075 8756 9037 0372 1346 3452 3562 […]

TEXAS Documents SENT!

I just sent out 3 documents specifically for the TEXAS Pick 3 game. These follow the 6 documents I sent out yesturday. If you did not get them, email me with SEND TEXAS DOCUMENTS on the subject line of your email. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com. If you did not get the 6 documents (which explain my Pick 3 […]

Texas–659 465 467 519 046 041

These are my updated numbers for TEXAS. They are good until Saturday night. Texas (Sept 15-21) 659 465 467 519 046 041


Here is my updated list of numbers for this week for TEXAS and MISSOURI. These numbers replace the numbers I sent out on Sunday for TX and MO. These numbers are good until Saturday night (Sept 21). TEXAS (Sept 15-21) 659 465 227 247 513 MISSOURI (Sept 15-21) 376 346 314 498 980 You have […]

NEW Kindle for the TEXAS Pick 3 Game!

TEXAS–803, 680, 632, 143, 503

TEXAS–Good for This Week (SEPT 1-7) 803, 680, 632, 143, 503 Email me to get my 5 Number System for TEXAS at aanewyork4000@gmail.com


Check your email if you are on my email list.  I just sent out the excel sheet for NEW YORK.  Its FREE.  Let me know if you did not get it and I will email it to you.  The sheet for TEXAS will be ready soon. This sheet gives you 5 SUPER HOT BOX Pick 3 numbers to […]