Do This to Improve Your Game!

Here is a list of numbers for New York for this week (now to Saturday night, Feb 3) that may be a little better than the numbers I predicted in the last report I sent out (“A Simple Pairs Strategy“; click on the link on the previous post to upload it). The best number for NY this week […]

Never Invest Alot of Money on a New System (Play on Paper First)

Never invest alot of money on a new system – especially one that requires you to put up a few hundred bucks. Here is what you do: look at the system and see what numbers it tells you to play. Then play on paper and see if any of the numbers hit or not. In Secrets-3 I recommend that […]

NEW BOOK: Advanced Tracking Systems!!

You can find this book HERE. Click on the link below to open a PDF Report containing a detailed description of what you will find in this NEW book! ADV-TRACKING-MARCH-15  

Remember the Rule of 5 Paper Hits (The Smart Way to Play Pick 3)

I recently posted a report on how to get numbers for the week using the Pair Frequency Finder program.  Now…don’t go crazy putting a ton of money on whatever numbers you get for your state for this week. No. No. No. I can say the same about ANY new system; do NOT put any money […]

Play on Paper 90% of the Time

EMAIL I JUST GOT: I play the pick 3 in Arizona. I tried your system numerous times. I only got one straight hit, but that was years ago and since then your systems just went cold for me and I basically about given up. I don’t play pick 3 all the time anymore. I occasionally […]

The Followers List is the Future

I got a call on Friday from somebody who had questions regarding the Reference Box (one of my first original strategies). This person was somewhat unclear and confused on how to go about creating the box to find winning numbers. This confusion is to be expected because randomness is built right into the game. The […]

“I keep losing. I can not get a hit. What should I do?”

If you keep losing over and over again and you can NOT get a hit no matter what you try, follow these 5 steps: 1-Stop playing. 2-Get a notebook and start writing the numbers that hit your state on a daily basis.  3-Start predicting numbers on paper only. Use whatever system you are comfortable with. […]