208 Just Hit New York

The two coding system works!–explained HERE. 028 was a hot number on both coding systems (one based on the last 60 drawings and one based on the last 200 drawings)–product is HERE. However, this system also works without coding. Just get the 2-way list from the last 60 and 200 drawings on Saturday night…as I […]

473 Hit New York Last Night

Notice my watchlist HERE. I came up with this list by wheeling the top 5 digits from both the 60 and 200 draw boxes. I got these boxes on SATURDAY night. 60-Wheeling 02586 gives me 10 numbers. 200-Wheeling 90258 gives me 10 numbers. The 2-way list (numbers that show up on both lists) are: 025, […]

60 and 200

There are two sets of numbers you want to pay attention to in the Pick 3 game: the last 60 and the last 200 numbers. More specifically, you want to know the digit distribution of these numbers (the digits arranged from hottest to coldest). I already discussed the distribution of the last 60 numbers in […]

This is Interesting

This is very interesting. I got the digit distribution of the last 60 numbers starting from the 608 that hit on Sunday night in New York. You can see the output below. Notice that the five coldest digits are 7-9-1-5-3. When wheeled, this gives ten box numbers: Wheeling ProgramWheel 79153:135 137 139 157 159 179 […]

Look for Matching Numbers

Always look for matching numbers between the General 55 numbers and the current 7 days numbers. For example; 125 is on both lists for Georgia.I would also say that 159 and 156 are good possibilitiesthis week for Georgia (Rule 69). GEORGIA024 057 125 159 359 GEORGIA—Keys 25641Good for Sunday to Saturday (January 30-February 5)245 246 […]

Formula 6

If you have access to my programs, try this: Copy the output from these 6 programs and enter them into the Group Matching program: These are the last 200 numbers to hit New York: 325 388 403 698 819 487 843 314 409 965551 891 307 192 510 211 998 089 812 357379 554 417 […]


Here are my predictions for NEW YORK for this week: (to be added to my Special NY list, email me with:ADD ME TO NEW YORK LIST on the subject line of your email). I will be posting my predictions for TEXAS tomorrow here: I will be sending out the META NUMBERS for TENNESSEE soon. Here […]

“How are you coming up with these 10 numbers?”

QUESTIONHow are you coming up with these 10 numbers?HERE My RESPONSEI enter the last 200 numbers (from Saturday night: August 28)into the VISUAL DIGIT DIST-COLD 5 program. I then wheel the five coldest digits. When you wheel five digits you always get 10 box numbers. See below. > VISUAL DIGIT DISTRIBUTION-30> VISUAL DIGIT DISTRIBUTION-40> VISUAL […]

The Target, Due Line and Due Pairs

The 3 programs listed below will usually give you a good idea of what Pick 3 numbers will be hitting next. > 10-DUE PAIRS> THE TARGET> PICK 3 MASTER For example, the target in New York right now is this:012 013 014 015 And the most due line is this:012 013 014 015 016 017 […]


If you are on my email list, check your inbox. I just sent you 5 SUPER strategies for the Pick 3 game. If you did not get the email, you can email me with SEND ME 5 SUPER STRATEGIES on the subject line of your email and I will send them to you right away. […]