The Rundown List—UPDATED

I am updating the Rundown List program.This program gives you the 80 most due singles. The CHECKLIST> META NUMBERS> THE RUNDOWN LIST <<———THIS ONE> ALPHA-32> G22-DUE GROUP> 8 SUPER NUMBERS> 10 SUPER NUMBERS> 20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS> 20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS-504> 60 STRAIGHT NUMBERS-720 The program will soon give you the 10 keys arrangedfrom hottest to coldest (SEE […]

Error—One Number is Missing

I just saw this. I am using the VISUAL DIGIT DIST-COLD 5 program tocome up with the 10 weekly numbers (using the last 200numbers that hit): > VISUAL DIGIT DIST-150> VISUAL DIGIT DIST-200> VISUAL DIGIT DIST-HOT 5> VISUAL DIGIT DIST-COLD 5 <<——-THIS ONE> STRAIGHT GROUP MATCHING 60> HIT PARADE 50> HIT PARADE 100 However, there […]

Predictions for This Week (May 2-8)

Below are my Box and Straight Pick 3 predictionsfor this week: May 2-8 (Sunday to Saturday). ARIZONA—Keys 40896Good for Two Weeks (May 2-15)046 048 049 068 069 089 468 469 689 ARKANSAS—Keys 63459Good for Sunday to Saturday (May 2-8)345 346 349 356 359 369 456 459 569 CALIFORNIA—Keys 59670Good for Sunday to Saturday (May 2-8)056 […]

Hit Report April 25-May 1 (Box and Straight)

16 STATES GOT BOX HITS ARIZONA896 Hit on Saturday May 1. ARKANSAS395 Hit on Thursday April 29. CONNECTICUT310 Hit on Sunday April 25. FLORIDA541 Hit on Tuesday April 27. INDIANA395 Hit on Sunday April 25. KENTUCKY093 Hit on Sunday April 25.601 Hit on Friday April 30. MISSOURI853 Hit on Wednesday April 28. NEBRASKA517 Hit on […]

The Last 20 Pick 3 Numbers (two strategies)

Here are two things to keep in mind when you enter the last 20 Pick 3 numbers that hit your state into the NEW Visual Digit Distribution-COLD 5 program: 1-You should see a DOUBLE coming from the coldest(or next to coldest digit) in the next 7 days.For example; the coldest digit below is 2. Visual […]

Two New Programs!

You can use the two new programs below to wheel the 5 hottest or coldest digits in the numbers entered. The programs need a minimum of 20 numbers. You can back test the number amount (last 20, 50, 60, 100, 150, etc.) to see what works best for you. VISUAL DIGIT DISTRIBUTION-60VISUAL DIGIT DIST-100VISUAL DIGIT […]

Two NEW Programs (Wheel the 5 Hottest or Coldest Digits)

Wheeling the coldest 5 digits in the last 200 Pick 3 numbers that hit actually works. Here is the proof (click on the links below): Hit Report for April 18-24Hit Report for April 18-24 | Pick3 Master 333 Hit Report for Last Week (April 11-17)Hit Report for Last Week (April 11-17) | Pick3 Master 333 […]

18 STRAIGHT Numbers for This Week

I am testing out a new system. This system gives you 18 straight numbers.These numbers are good for this week (April 25-May 1).They are good for two weeks for one-draw per day states.I am wheeling two digits in the first position andthree digits in the second and third position usingthe STRAIGHT POSITIONAL CONTROL program. For […]

Predictions for This Week (April 25-May 1)

ARIZONA—Keys 78096Good for Two Weeks (April 25-May 8)067 068 069 078 079 089 678 679 689 789 (10) ARKANSAS—Keys 63459Good for Sunday to Saturday (April 25-May 1)345 346 349 356 359 369 456 459 469 569 (10) CALIFORNIA—Keys 37690Good for Sunday to Saturday (April 25-May 1)036 037 039 067 069 079 367 369 379 679 […]

Hit Report for April 18-24

Below are the hits from last week. I am getting these 10 numbers by wheeling the 5 coldest digits in the last 200 Pick 3 numbers that hit. These 200 numbers start from the last number that hit on Saturday night. I am assuming that one or more of the 10 numbers will hit in […]