I Just Hit 271 Straight in New York!


Check your inbox if you are on my email list. I just sent out a report with straight numbers for California. This report also explains how you can get a list of straight numbers for YOUR state. Email me if you are not on my email list to get this FREE report at aanewyork4000@gmail.com. Write […]

I Just Hit 079 Straight in New York

I got this hit using the the brand new Straight Number System I have been talking about now for about 3 weeks. I started using this system last week in New York (Sun July 30 to Sat Aug 5) but I got no hits. But I got a hit this week (Sun Aug 6 to […]

Daily Hits in GEORGIA (FREE Reports)

I just got this testimonial. This player is hitting the Georgia game almost every day! “I am writing you a testimony. I am playing cash 3 daily and cash 4 every 3 days. Because of your system, I am hitting 2 to 3 times a day in Georgia. I will start with cash 3. The […]

STRAIGHT Hits Coming Up!

I just sent gold members an explanation of my straight number system. This is an IMPROVED version of the system I sent them earlier (it is still based on the 444 sum 10-17 list I mentioned on my previous post). So if you are a gold member, check your inbox. And speaking of straight numbers; […]

The 74 Most Important Singles in the Pick 3 Game (Sum 10-17)

I am currently working on a brand new approach to the Pick 3 game. The starting point is targeting a shorter list of numbers (instead of going after all 1000 numbers). The list of numbers that I am now targeting are the Sum 10 (019, 028, 037, 046, 055, 118, 127, 136, 145, 226, 235, […]

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