The NEW and Improved STRAIGHT Coding System!

I just improved my straight coding system. This NEW method increases your chances of getting a straight hit because there are only FIVE positions (not 10). ALL the codes will be made up of only five digits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You will be seeing the 14 number version of this new coding system […]

HOW TO GET STRAIGHT HITS in the Pick 3 Game!

You can use these two programs to get HOT straight numbers that are due to hit your state soon! GOLD SPECIAL > PICK 3 DAILY HITS > KEY PLAYLIST REPORT > PICK 3 DAILY HITS-46 > PICK 3 DAILY HITS-7 > THE 100 GROUPS > 20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS-504  > 20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS > THE 50 […]

Coming Soon! The Daily Hits System!

If you are on my New York list, you already know this: my Daily Hits System predicted the 376 that hit New York two days ago! (Thursday March 26). UPDATE: I predicted key 0 for NY last night for today and the number 550 just hit New York (midday Saturday March 28).  Here is the […]


If you are on my email list, check your inbox. I just sent you 5 SUPER strategies for the Pick 3 game. If you did not get the email, you can email me with SEND ME 5 SUPER STRATEGIES on the subject line of your email and I will send them to you right away. […]


I just out an email explaining my Brand NEW Pick 3 system that gives you numbers to play TODAY. This new system is used to get numbers to play for Today Only. It should give you 2, 3, 4 hits PER WEEK. If you did not get this Special email, email me with SEND ME […]

NEW Strategies for the Pick 3 Game!

I predicted 456 for NY for yesturday. The number 945 hit last night (the 6 flipped and hit as a 9). I predicted 701 for New York for TODAY (Friday March 20). The number 109 just Hit New York (I was off by a digit). (You can get my daily predictions if you are on my […]

808 in Virginia!

Money Club members get my Pick 3 predictions for the week early on Sunday morning. Below are the numbers I predicted for Virginia for this week (Sunday to Saturday):  Virginia (March 15 – 21) 831 783 893 863 082 008 081 088 The number 808 hit today (Tuesday March 17)…..and a Money Club member hit […]