FREE Access to my Programs!

You can see just some of my Pick 3 and Pick 4 programs HERE. You can use all of them for FREE until SEPTEMBER 30 (if you have not before) simply by emailing me with FREE ACCESS-SEPT 30 on the subject line of your email. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com. You can also access […]

Only Use the Lowest Digit from the Rundown List-Key Program

Here is perhaps the best way to reduce the numbers from the Rundown-List-Key program; just pay attention to the playlist of the lowest digit. For example, below is the output using the last 80 numbers for New York starting from Sept 4, Friday. As you can see, the lowest digit in the key is 4. […]

Happiness and MONEY

Many people are unemployed right now. There is a lot of civil unrest. There are mass demonstrations going on in some states. I know for a fact that there has been a spike in the number of suicides this year. The year 2020 has been like a Twilight Zone episode that is a year long. […]


I just put up a FREE Report showing the Rundown List-Key prediction for 26 states! You can download this FREE report here: https://www.pick3master.com/free-pick-3-reports ================================ TWO Hits in TEXAS! The next TWO numbers that hit Texas are on the Rundown List-Key list! 091 and 690 are on the list as 019 and 069! Texas https://www.lotterypost.com/results/tx/calendar/pick3/2020 September […]


I have two announcements. First, I just put up a new program called The Rundown List-Key. This program reduces the regular Rundown list using the three key digits from the PICK 3 DAILY HITS program (based on the last two numbers that hit).  Best Programs > RUNDOWN-DUE PAIRS > STATIC 40 > STATIC 30 > THE […]


I just got this email: Hey Anthony do you have any system that allows you to play 27 numbers straight per draw? I don’t like playing too many numbers – but I also like straight better than box. Steve Player has a system called Pick 3 and Pick 4 super straight where you only play […]

938 Just Hit Texas (ALERT this morning)

My daily ALERT predictions include a TIP for the day. Here I narrow things down and tell you which 1 or 2 of the 5 states will most likely get a hit that day. For example, my Tip this morning (THU AUG 20) was this: TIP: The next hit will most likely come from GA […]

ALERT—TWO Hits Yesturday!

My daily ALERT service gives you 5 states that have an excellent chance of getting a hit the SAME DAY (you get the ALERT in the morning). It successfully predicted these two hits yesturday in KY and ON! KENTUCKY-August 15 048 049 056 057 058 059 067 068 069 078 079 089 123 124 125 […]

ALPHA-32: Hitting 5 out of 7 in NY and IL

I just got this email: Hi Anthony – Started to track the Alpha-32 program in New York and Illinois in the last 2 weeks and noticed that I was getting hits from the bottom 16 numbers more then the top 16 numbers. I started playing on Monday both states and after 2 days (only 7 […]


I just wrote NEW report that explains how to reduce the 16 numbers from the ALPHA-16 program. Actually you can use this strategy to reduce ANY list of Pick 3 numbers. Guess what? This report is FREE! It is the top  report on this page: https://www.pick3master.com/free-pick-3-reports