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HOT STOCKS for June 2021

Check out my NEW list of hot stocks for JUNE 2021.All of the stocks are under $40.They should do well this month. The list is here:

The Top 3 are TX, PA, and NJ

I just counted how many hits each state has gotten in the last 7 weeks (from the 10 number system) and the winners are Texas (12 hits), Pennsylvania (11 hits), and New Jersey (8 hits). Also Michigan, Ontario and South Carolina. You can see the hits from all 26 states on the chart below. I […]

Pick 3 Numbers for May 30 to June 5

The Hit Report for May 23-29.These are the hits from last week: CALIFORNIA672 Hit on Friday May 28. CONNECTICUT302 Hit on Wednesday May 26. FLORIDA613 Hit on Tuesday May 25. ILLINOIS418 Hit on Friday May 28.271 Hit on Saturday May 29. INDIANA317 Hit on Wednesday May 26. MICHIGAN469 Hit on Sunday May 23.639 Hit on […]

Pick 3, Fidelity and Robinhood

EMAIL I JUST GOTGood morning. I only have $400 in my buying power onRobinhood. I wish I knew you were doing trading monthsago, I have lost tons of money at lotto. At least I couldhave tried this. MY RESPONSEYea…..I will be focusing more on stocks becauseits a more secure way to make money. I have […]

14 Low Price Stocks—May 28, 2021

TOP 20 STOCKS—May 28, 2021

I just posted 20 stocks. I am expecting these stocks to go UP invalue over the next few weeks and months. Some of these will go up by a lot. This list will be updated from time to time,but it is updated as of today, May 28, 2021. The stocks are in both a Word […]

My Stocks are WINNERS (Profit in 3 Days!)

Today is Friday May 28, 2021. I posted 44 stocks just 3 DAYS ago on May 25. This included a shorter list of just 10 stocks. What if I told you that the stocks I posted haveALREADY gone UP in value?? Not every stock has gone up in value….but the value of the entire portfolio […]

NEW Money Report!—Learn How to Sell Covered Calls

NEW Money Report! Learn How to Sell Covered Calls on Robinhood

Make $1,000 per DAY Trading STOCKS

This lady teaches a system of making money in the stock market EVERY DAY. Specifically, she teaches people how to make $1000 per DAY. Yes….per DAY. Looking at her videos, it looks like on some days she makes MORE than $1000. The first part of her program is $2500. The second part is $2500 (Options). […]


44 HOT STOCKS—the top report HERE. If you are not able to download the report, email me with SEND ME 44 STOCKS REPORT on the subject line of your email and I will email it to you. To be added to my special stock email list (to get my latest updates), email me with ADD […]