How to Make a Fortune Playing Double-Doubles and Triples in the Win 4 Game! $3000 to $6750 PER MONTH!

I just figured out how to make a fortune playing the Win 4 game!

It just so happens that double-doubles (2244, 5588, 6677, etc) and triples (1444, 2888, 5999, etc) hit EVERY month in all the states I looked at (from the 1st to the 31st of the month). For example, 2 triples  have hit NY this month so far (Sept 1 to Sept 17):

6656 (Sept 1) 
3433 (Sept 9)

And three double-doubles:

6446 (Sept 5) 
9339 (Sept 6) 
8338 (Sept 10)

This is a BIG deal because I have the CODES for these super hot numbers! Secondly, if you play a double-double for $1 BOX at 5dimes and you hit, you will win $1500…YES, $1500. A triple $1 box hit pays $2250.

Here is what I found in the codes for TEXAS: 22 double-doubles and 32 triples hit Texas in the last 45 weeks; so they hit 54 times; so almost EVERY week one or more of these hot numbers hits Texas! Here are the 22 double-double codes:

22 Double-Doubles
0044 0044 1144 1155 1166 1188 1199 1199 2255 2266 3344 3344 3355 3388 3399 4455 5566 5588 5599 5599 6677 8899

Four of them hit twice.
2-Way Match: 0044 1199 3344 5599 (4)

Below are the triples (these are CODES–NOT the actual triples that hit).

32 Triples
0006 0008 0111 0222 0666 0777 0777 0888 0999 1112 1114 1118 1666 1666 1666 1777 1999 2555 3336 3444 3444 3555 4445 4446 4555 4555 4888 5999 6777 7779 7779 7779

Two of them hit 3 times and 3 of them hit twice.
3-Way Match: 1666 7779 (2)
2-Way Match: 0777 3444 4555 (3)

Playing these numbers is much more profitable than the strategy I originally had in mind when I started to write the Kindle for Texas – but its almost done. So what I will do is put out what I have already written for Texas and then I will write a follow up Kindle explaining a much more profitable system!

By the way, the payout for these numbers is so profitable, that even if you played ALL of them, you would still show a nice profit in a 30 day period (even if played in Texas which has 24 drawings per week). The profit will be greater in 2-draw states since there are less drawings. 

Just to put this in perspective, if the numbers are played $1 box at 5dimes, you will usually get 2 or 3 hits per month; therefore the payouts will be in the range of $3000 ($1500 x 2) to $6750 ($2250 x 3) PER MONTH.

UPDATES for Sept 16; The $6696 System!

NEW REPORT! Click on the link below to open it!

UPDATES for SEPT 16, 2018


Good for NY This Week: 6942, 6640, 6880, 9522, 1184

Good for New York until Saturday Sept 22:
6942, 6640, 6880, 9522, 1184

10-Set: 118x, 337x, 300x, 998x

By a 10-set I mean the 10 numbers that can be generated by adding the 10 digits to each triple. So the 10-set for 118x is 1180, 1181, 1182, 1183, 1184, 1185, 1186, 1187, 1188, and 1189. 

UPDATE #1: I just updated my Excel sheet for NY. To get it, email me with this on the subject line of your email: SEND NEW SHEET-4444-SEPT 15.  

UPDATE #2: The Excel sheet and Report for TEXAS will be ready soon. It will be a Kindle priced at just $2.99. After that I will be working on the Excel sheet and Report for Missouri and North Carolina; other states will follow (Ohio, South Carolina, etc). 

The Texas Win 4 System! ($750, $2250, $4500, $9000)

I have 3 Win 4 Kindles that I will be putting up on Amazon soon; for Texas, North Carolina, and Missouri. The Texas Kindle will be going up first. Then North Carolina, then Missouri. The basic text in each will be the same but the exact codes (and Excel sheet) for each Kindle will be unique to that state. I will work on other states after these 3 states. If you want me to put your state on top of my list, you can do so for $60; for this amount I will code the Win 4 game for your state in a week or two. Email me for details. Below is the description that that will go along with the Kindle for Texas. The SAME description applies to NORTH CAROLINA and MISSOURI.

UPDATE: I will now be identifying 5 Super Numbers to play in each  state. The goal will be to win 4 very specific amounts of money: $750, $2250, $4500, and $9000. Below is the description for the Texas Kindle (should be ready in a week or two):



TEXAS Win 4 SECRETS Revealed!
After testing and experimenting with MANY systems, I finally come up with a practical solution to the Pick 3 riddle in early 2018. I call it the 7 Day Coding System. My solution works! Want proof? Go to this page to see my STRAIGHT hits in the Pick 3 game HERE.

In August 2018 I finally figured out how to apply my coding system to the Win 4 game. Now, for the first time ever, I explain how to apply my coding system to the TEXAS Win 4 game. In this Kindle I explain the basics of my 7 Day Coding System and also give you the exact CODES that will give you the hottest Win 4 numbers to play in TEXAS.

Win $750, $2250, $4500, and $9000! 
In this Kindle I also explain (in detail) how to use my Win 4 system to win four (very precise) amounts of money. Here I reveal how to use my Win 4 system to first win $750, then $2250, then $4500, and finally, $9000. I call these The 4 Goals and the EXACT step by step strategy you should follow to hit these 4 targets are explained in this Kindle. NOTE: it is not possible to win these huge amounts in the Pick 3 game (at least not consistently) – but it is very possible to win these amounts in the Win 4 game consistently if you follow the exact step by step strategy that I reveal in this Kindle.

Special EXCEL Sheet Included
The purchase of this Kindle includes two Special Reports and a very important EXCEL sheet. The two PDF reports that I will email you (FREE of charge) will provide additional details on how my system works. The Excel sheet is very important: it is already formatted to give you the hottest Win 4 numbers to play for the coming week in Texas. To get the two reports and the Excel sheet for the Texas Win 4 game, simply email me the code you see on the last page of this Kindle. I will email you the two free reports, Excel sheet and the PDF edition of this Kindle right after I get this email from you.

The 5 Super Numbers for TEXAS Revealed!
After several improvements, I have narrowed down my playlist for the Texas Win 4 game down to just 5 Super Numbers! These are the 5 Super Numbers you have to play to win the 4 amounts I mentioned earlier: $750, $2250, $4500, and $9000. In this Kindle I will tell you what the CODES for these 5 Super Numbers are (it is all explained in this Kindle).

Coming Soon! The Missouri Win 4 System!

Aanewyork _MISSOURI_pick4

Coming Soon! The North Carolina Win 4 System!

This Kindle will be up on Amazon soon. In this Kindle I will explain the best strategies to use in the North Carolina Win 4 game. The purchase of this Kindle will include an Excel sheet; just email me the code on the last page of the Kindle and I will email you the sheet (along with the PDF edition of the Kindle). This Kindle will be priced at just $2.99. Make sure you are on my email list so I can let you know when its up on Amazon. To join, email me with ADD ME on the subject line of your email. You can email me at

Aanewyork_Pick 4 Lottery_NC_win4

Good for NY This Week: 1693, 1195, 0098, 1885, 6233

Good for New York until Saturday Sept 15:
1693, 1195, 0098, 1885, 6233


These are box numbers. I have reduced my list down to just 5 numbers. One or two of my numbers will hit in a MONTH. My numbers change every Saturday night; they are good for the next 7 days. See other notes about my NY Win 4 numbers HERE.

Email me with SEND NEW NY SHEET on the subject line of your email to get my NEW updated Excel sheet for New York (updated TODAY: Sept 8). You can email me at