I Just Won $562–5888 Just Hit New York!

I sent out a special report yesturday to MONEY CLUB members explaining my NEW and UPDATED Win 4 System. On the report (document 1, page 24) I listed the straight numbers to play in New York this week and 8858 is one of those numbers. I also recommended on that page to play it BOX (all my straight numbers that are doubles or triples should be played box as well). I followed my own advice and I did just that. Good thing because it just hit NY as 5888.  I played it 025 cent box online and won $562.50. 


If you are not a Money Club member, I suggest you join to get the same WIN 4 REPORT I sent to Money Club members yesturday. Membership is $60 for 8 weeks. To join, email me with $60-MONEY CLUB on the subject line of your email and I will send you an invoice for $60. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

The NEW Win 4 STRAIGHT System

Regarding the new Win 4 coding program. When converting the codes, are you still using 40 numbers for the visual distribution? Or are you going to use 100 numbers? I have been coding for Missouri all along so I am re-coding using the new program.

The new Win 4 straight coding program uses the last 100 numbers.
So you have to enter the last 100 numbers that hit on Saturday night. This makes the distribution much more stable, which is necessary for straight hits in the Win 4 game.

Win-4 Programs
> PLUS 1/MINUS 1-4

You have to code the next TWO weeks…..which is 28 drawings
in 2-draw per day states.

WHY two weeks?
Because you have to give the codes enough time for the straight
numbers to hit. I have found that one week is not long enough;
two weeks is better.

Code the last 52 to 60 weeks.

You will get two sets of numbers; the straight list (use the Straight Group Matching System program to get these straight codes) and a set of BOX numbers (enter all your codes into the Group Matching program to get this list). The GROUP MATCHING SYSTEM-4 program will convert your straight codes into BOX codes. So it will turn a straight code like 4321 into 1234.


The “perfect” list will have about 8 to 10 straight numbers and about 8 to 10 box numbers. These are to be played for TWO weeks. I suggest playing them at 5dimes for 0.25 cents. That is the secret; you have to play BOTH sets of numbers for TWO weeks.

What you will find is that the BOX numbers will hit about twice per week (enough for you to get back what you put into the numbers) and the straight numbers will hit from time to time. A 0.25 cent straight hit pays $2,250 and a box hit (for singles) pays $93 at 5dimes.com

IMPORTANT: Some of your straight numbers will be doubles and triples (example: 7822, 9499). These should be also be played BOX as well….so even if the straight version of the number does not hit, you still will get a nice hit.

Once you have your hot codes, use the VISUAL DIGIT DIST-100
program on Saturday night to get the distribution.


IF you are a Money Club member, you can request my list of straight Win 4 codes for NEW YORK. To get them, email me with MEMBER-SEND ME NY WIN 4 CODES on the subject line of your email.

UPDATE: If you have access to my programs, you should see two NEW programs on the menu. These two programs are for the Take 5 game. 


I will be sending out my first report on the TAKE 5 game to Money Club members ONLY later this week. If you would like to become a member (this will give you access to all the programs listed above), email me for details at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

TEXAS Documents SENT!

I just sent out 3 documents specifically for the TEXAS Pick 3 game. These follow the 6 documents I sent out yesturday. If you did not get them, email me with SEND TEXAS DOCUMENTS on the subject line of your email. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

If you did not get the 6 documents (which explain my Pick 3 Coding System in detail) email me with SEND 6 DOCUMENTS on the subject line of your email.

I just wrote a Special Report explaining the basic
coding system I will be using to code the lotto games;
Take 5, Mega Millions, Lotto, Powerball, Cash4Life, etc. To get this Special Report, email me with SEND ME LOTTO CODING SYSTEM on the subject line of your email.

This report is FREE.

However, all future Lotto Coding Reports will only be sent out to Money Club members.

Take 5, Mega Millions, PowerBall, Lotto

I have some EXCITING NEWS!

I have recently started to look into games that I previously avoided playing because of the huge odds against winning. My attitude now is that if I play ALL of them, my chances of winning go up significantly. This is especially true if an effective system is being used across the board in ALL the games. This basically means that now I will be applying my systems to these lottery games: Take 5, Mega Millions, Powerball, and the Lotto game.



As a mattter of fact…I just reduced the Take 5 game to a unique 8 digit number. This means that I can reduce any Take 5 number (example: 2-4-17-23-39) to a much more simple 8 digit number. For example; a number like 14458 actually represents a FULL Take 5 number (assuming you know my NEW Take 5 system).

I am looking to apply the same system to Mega Millions, Powerball, and any and all lottery games. My unique coding system simplifies any lottery game, thereby increasing the odds of getting a hit. (By the way…this is a NEW system and it does NOT require using the previous 40 drawings.)

I will be sending out Special Reports on Take 5, Mega Millions, Powerball, and the Lotto games to MONEY CLUB memberss only. So if you are a Money Club member, you will be getting my NEW Lottery Reports soon.

If you are not a member, I suggest you join.
Money Club membership is $60 for 8 weeks.

This gives you my Pick 3 predictions on Sunday morning (good for the week) and access to all my programs…including my NEW lottery programs that will be going up soon. To join, email me with $60-MONEY CLUB on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60.

If you ONLY want to get my NEW Lottery Reports and Systems dealing with Take 5, Mega Millions, Powerball, and the Lotto games (and not my Pick 3 predictions), email me with $60-LOTTO-ONLY on the subject line of your email. This will give you access to all my new Lottery Reports and my programs for the next 8 weeks.

The Pick 3 Coding System (6 Documents)–SENT (FREE!!)

I just sent out 6 documents that explain my amazing Pick 3 Coding System in detail.

Documents 1, 2, and 4 are PDF reports.
I suggest you read these first.

Documents 3, 5, and 6 are EXCEL sheets.
Document 5 is the Excel Conversion Sheet.
Use this sheet to turn hot codes into the actual numbers to play. Detailed instructions are provided. 

Here is the best part; these documents are FREE. 

If you are on my email list, these 6 documents should be in your inbox. To get these 6 documents (100% FREE of charge), email me with SEND ME 6 DOCUMENTS on the subject line of your email. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

350 Drawings (ALL States)–FREE TRAINING/Access

I have some announcements.

First, when coding, use the last 350 codes. This goes for all states. Use the last 350 codes to identify the TWO hotttest pairs in your codes. You do this by using the Pair Frequency Finder programs.


Enter the last 350 codes into the PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER-350 program. This is the primary program you use to identify the two hottest pairs in ALL STATES.

This includes Texas, Georgia, and all 1-draw per day states: Arizona, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. However, you will have to use the 150, 100, and 70 programs to verify that these two pairs are currently hot (I will explain how to do this in my FREE Training).

This means that the method to identify the two hottest pairs in ALL states will be the same; by using the last 350 codes that hit. This means that if you are in a 1-draw per day state, you will have to code the last year to get the necessary codes.

This will be the last 15 weeks in Texas (24 X 15 = 360) and the last 17 weeks in Georgia (21 X 17 = 357). 

Second, I am writing the lessons for a FREE Training that will explain exactly how I come up with the numbers I send out on Sunday morning (many of which are hitting STRAIGHT….including the 487 that hit MICHIGAN last night (October 7), as you can see here HERE. If you are a Money Club member, you got that number on Sunday morning (email me for details on how to join the Money Club at aanewyork4000@gmail.com).

This FREE Training will have at least 6 Lessons / Reports explaining exactly how to identify the hottest codes and numbers in your state.

This Free Training will include the Excel Conversion Sheet you need to turn the hot codes into the actual numbers to play on Saturday night.

Third, I will also provide FREE ACCESS to my programs so you can use the Pick 3 Coding Program (if you do not currently have access). I will send out an email when the lessons are ready. In the meantime, you will want to learn the basics of my coding system by reading this Kindle. 

If you get an email from “Paypal” with this subject line, it is most likely a scam.

“We plan to send you a debit card that provides instant access to your PayPal balance.”

There is a link on the email to login.
Do NOT use that link to login into your account.
The link says this:

“If you do not want to receive this card, LOG IN to your PayPal account to opt out by October 20, and we won’t ship it.”

Here is what you do:
Forward the email to Paypal here:


That is their tech/legal department and they will take care of it.

I lost money in New York (NEW BETTER SYSTEM)

I have been losing money playing my numbers in New York in the last 2 weeks. So I decided to go back to the basics and do what has worked consistently in the past; hot pairs. Basically, I am relearning the same lesson all over again.

After a lot of back testing in the last 48 hours, I have found that it is best to base the weekly numbers on the hottest PAIRS (in the codes) because pairs are much more stable than individual codes. As a matter of fact….

Hot codes are erratic.
Hot codes are unstable.

PAIRS are much more stable.
Hot pairs hit with greater consistency.

Here is why:
With a code you have THREE individual units that operate independently from each other. One hopes that these three individual units will come together and hit as a number in the near future.

However, with a hot pair (in the CODES) you have TWO digits that have a history of moving TOGETHER as a SINGLE unit from week to week. So basically 66% of the problem has been solved already (two digits) so all that is missing is the third digit.

Hot codes are like 3 single people who decide to get together to hang out for a short while. This requires that they are all available at the same time and they are in the same neighborhood (hard to do with 3 single people). 

Hot pairs are like a couple. 

What we want in the Pick 3 game is a TRIO or 3 “people” coming together in harmony. This is easier to accomplish with a couple that is already TOGETHER (pair); all we have to do is figure out their likes, habits, hobbies, etc. and introduce them to someone who has the same or similar likes, habits and hobbies. This explains why hot codes based on hot PAIRS hit with more frequency then isolated hot codes. 

Now…assuming I find the hot pair in the codes, how do I find the third digit most likely to hit with that hot pair?

By putting ALL the numbers that hit with that pair into the Group Matching System program to see which numbers hit the most.

For example; if the hottest pair is 45, the ten possible numbers or codes are: 450, 451, 452, 453, 454, 455, 456, 457, 458, 459.

What I do is isolate ALL the numbers with the hot pair and enter all these numbers into the Group Matching program. This instantly tells me which numbers tend to hit the most with that specific pair.

What you will see when you do this is that some of these numbers hit with that pair more than others. This, by the way, is how I came up with the Lucky 7 System; the 7 lucky numbers where the 7 numbers that hit the most with the hottest pair.

For example, if the hottest pair in my state is 45, I can isolate all the numbers with that pair. My list can look like this.

045 345 245 045 457 445 459 458 456 457 045 457 458 457 245 456 459 445 245 245 457 456 145 456 445 145 245 459 458 457 457 045 245 458 445 245 045 459 045 245 045 045 456 245 459 445 045 455 145 457 458 445 459 459 045 345

When I enter this list into the Group Matching System program, the output will look like this:

Group Matching System
56 Numbers used: 045 345 245 045 457 445 459 458 456 457 045 457 458 457 245 456 459 445 245 245 457 456 145 456 445 145 245 459 458 457 457 045 245 458 445 245 045 459 045 245 045 045 456 245 459 445 045 455 145 457 458 445 459 459 045 345

10-Way Match: 045 (1)
9-Way Match: 245 (1)
8-Way Match: 457 (1)
7-Way Match: 459 (1)
6-Way Match: 445 (1)
5-Way Match: 456 458 (2)
4-Way Match: (0)
3-Way Match: 145 (1)
2-Way Match: 345 (1)
1-Way Match: 455 (1)

(These are CODES–Not numbers).

Notice that digits 0, 2, 7, and 9 tend to hit together with this pair.

10-Way Match: 045 (1)
9-Way Match: 245 (1)
8-Way Match: 457 (1)
7-Way Match: 459 (1)

However, digits 3 and 5 tend NOT to hit with this pair.

2-Way Match: 345 (1)
1-Way Match: 455 (1)

That’s with ONE hot pair.
However, for best results you shoudl do this with the TWO hottest pairs in your state. So if pair 45 and pair 47 are the hottest pairs, you would enter BOTH lists into the Group Matching program; the TOP 5 numbers in the output will hit with incredible frequency (assuming you identified the two hottest pairs correctly).

This is IMPORTANT: You need the TWO hottest pairs for you to get hits consistently (week after week). This gives you 20 numbers, which is too many numbers. You reduce this list by entering BOTH playlists into the Group Matching System to identify the hottest numbers on the list. Look at the TOP 5 matchest (example: 17-way match, 16-way match, etc). These are the best numbers to play. 

How do you find the hot pairs in the codes?
1-Code the last 25 weeks.
2-Enter your codes into the PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER programs.


The 350 program is your best bet. But it is good to use the 100 and 70 programs as well to see what are the recent hot pairs. NOTE: I will be updating the instructions in the Pick 3 Coding Program to reflect this NEW better way of finding hot numbers to play.

I am bringing this up because I will be doing just that for this coming week.  My numbers will be based on the TWO hottest pairs for each state. I will be providing 8 NUMBERS per state (10 for the single draw states). However, MOST of the hits will come from the first 5 NUMBERS. For example, if the numbers for your state are these: 465 046 746 145 469 435 446 445, you only have to play the first 5 numbers (465 046 746 145 469) because most the hits will come from the first 5 numbers. You can even play the first 4 (465 046 746 145) and do pretty good (in 2-draw states only and GA and TX). I will be sending out these NEW and BETTER set of numbers later tonight or early tomorrow morning (Sunday October 6).

I have two predictions for this coming week:

Prediction #1: Most of the states will get a hit this coming week.
Prediction #2: Most of the hits will come from the first 5 numbers.

You have to be a Money Club member to get my Pick 3 predictions for this coming week. Here are the details on how to join:

If you play the Pick 3 game, you should join THE PICK 3 MONEY CLUB. This will give you a short list of super hot box numbers to play for the week in your state (Sunday to Saturday). These are box numbers – however, many times the numbers will hit STRAIGHT. You will get a new set of numbers to play on Sunday morning. Membership is $60 for 6 weeks. This includes 6 weeks of GOLD membership. Gold membership gives you access to ALL my Pick 3 Win 4, and Pick 5 programs. You will have access to all the programs you see on the left hand menu HERE. To join, email me with this on the subject line of your email: $60-MONEY CLUB-GOLD. I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60. I will give you 6 weeks of Gold membership right after I get payment (or add 6 weeks if you currently have access). 

BONUS: If you play the New York Pick 3 game, you will also get my by personal recommendations and tips for the week for the NY Pick 3 game. If you can not pay using Paypal, you can make
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