Someone asked me if I could run this Special again….so here it goes.

Membership is $69 for 12 months.

SPECIAL: I will give you access to my Pick 3 program for 2 YEARS (24 months) for the same price: $69.

If interested….email me with–$69-TWO YEAR SPECIAL on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $69. I will give you access right after I get your payment. You can email me at: aanewyork4000@gmail.com

Average: 3 Hits Per Day

I have been using this system for 10 days so far.

There have been a total of 32 hits (see today’s Excel sheet HERE).

This means that if you use this system (play the 8 numbers in all 30 states) you will average about 3 hits per day – and you only need 2 hits to show a profit. So this system is profitable! Eventually I will reduce the list down to the hottest 20 states.

NOTE: The math below is not 100% accurate because you will have to play 2 drawings on some states (and 3 drawings in TN and GA…4 in TX) – but you only have to play 1 drawing in some states (AZ, NE). So it averages out….almost. The math will work once I reduce the list down to 20 states.


NEW Report Posted!—HERE.

2 Hits Yesterday: The Hottest States are Illinois and Texas

Two hits yesterday.
Look at the Excel sheet.
So far…the two hottest states are Illinois and Texas.
If you are on a limited budget, just play Illinois (just 2 drawings a day). Today’s Numbers are up—HERE (FREE!!))

Are You Getting my Daily Numbers?

Make sure you are getting my daily Pick 3 numbers (there were 5 HITS yesterday!) The numbers for TODAY (Friday May 19) are posted HERE–Along with 2 other NEW reports!

The Tuesday Report is Ready!

The Tuesday Report is Ready!–HERE.

There TWO types of hits on this report:
1-One of the 8 numbers (from the hottest line) can hit today.
2-One of the 40 numbers (from the top five lines) can hit.

For example: The hottest line in Virginia is 6.
One of the 8 numbers from this line can hit today.

The five hottest lines are 2-4-5-6-7 (40 numbers).
The second possibility is that one of these 40 numbers hits today.

TEXAS: 2-3-4-5-10

These lines are stable. They do NOT change draw to draw (the numbers in the lines change – but the lines remain hot). These lines will remain hot for a while. This means that you can get tomorrows Rundown Box for Texas (using the last 80 numbers) and look at these 40 numbers. One or more of the singles will hit tomorrow (keep in mind: the next Rundown List will be slightly different from this one).

478 = Line 4

GEORGIA: 2-4-5-6-7

These are the top lines in Georgia. This means that if a SINGLE hits, it will most likely be on this list of 40 numbers. The 458 that today is in line 6 (the hottest line).

458 = Line 6 (the hottest line in Georgia)

The TOP 40 Numbers

The Daily Report I will post tomorrow will show the frequency of the lines (hottest to coldest). You will see that most singles that hit come from the top 5 lines (40 numbers). The top 5 lines in NY are 1-3-5-6-9. For example: the 563 (356) that hit NY today is in line 9 (NEW YORK PAGE).
The Daily Report will show this output for ALL 30 states!

Best Part: This Report is FREE!!….You can find it HERE.

(Next Report: TUESDAY-MAY 16-REPORT)

The Numbers for TODAY Have Been Posted!

Numbers Posted HERE.