I Just Hit 271 Straight in New York!



Check your inbox if you are on my email list. I just sent out a report with straight numbers for California. This report also explains how you can get a list of straight numbers for YOUR state. Email me if you are not on my email list to get this FREE report at aanewyork4000@gmail.com. Write “Send CA Report” on the subject line of your email.


I Just Hit 079 Straight in New York


I got this hit using the the brand new Straight Number System I have been talking about now for about 3 weeks. I started using this system last week in New York (Sun July 30 to Sat Aug 5) but I got no hits. But I got a hit this week (Sun Aug 6 to Sat Aug 12). I made an improvement to the system a few days ago (which will result in MORE straight hits in the near future). Let me be clear on this point: this system requires that you play the numbers it gives you online at 5dimes.com. You can NOT use this system playing the numbers it gives you at the store by you; the numbers must be played online. So learning this system is only helpful for those who have an online account or those who are thinking about getting an online account. I explain how 5dimes works in two books: in the second part of Secrets-3, which you can find HERE and in Book-40, which you can find HERE.

UPDATE: I made an improvement to this system a few days ago. If I would have known about this improvement last week, I would have gotten several hits last week and this week. However, I only explained this improvement to Gold members. This improvement to the system will result in more straight hits. This system, by the way, works in ALL states. 

GOLD Special: If you are on my email list, you should know this: I am offering a Special price on Gold membership this week. Gold membership is normally $60 a month – but this week you can get 3 months of Gold membership for the price of one. This means that if you join today (August 11), you will have Gold membership until November 11; and it will only cost you $60. This also includes access to my Pick 4 programs and getting the Leader Report every Sunday morning for the next 3 months. This offer expires this SUNDAY AUGUST 12. If you want to take advantage of this Special, email me with “GOLD-3 Months Special” on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice right away. I will give you access right after I accept payment.  I will also send you the reports explaining my straight number system plus the improvement I made to it a few days ago. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

Daily Hits in GEORGIA (FREE Reports)

I just got this testimonial.
This player is hitting the Georgia game almost every day!

“I am writing you a testimony. I am playing cash 3 daily and cash 4
every 3 days. Because of your system, I am hitting 2 to 3 times a day
in Georgia. I will start with cash 3. The system I am using is Code-3 Basic. I get the code from Code 3 Basic program and put those 3 digits in 120 singles program. I then put those 85 numbers that comes out and group it up with the Rundown list. I play all the 2-way numbers and hit daily. For cash 4, I am using Georgia 35 program. I monitor when it is 2 whole days or 6 draws in a row with a miss. I play cash 4 after the 2nd day or 7th draw and WILL hit between 8 to 10 draw.”

NOTE: You can also get three good digits from the BASIC Box program. Enter the last 10 numbers that hit your state into the Basic Box program. The program will give you the 85 singles that correspond to the three digits automatically; so it saves you a step. Then you enter the last 80 numbers that hit your state into the Rundown List program to get the 80 most due singles. Enter both lists on the Group Matching Program to find the 2-way list or the numbers on both list. These are the numbers you would play.

I explain several strategies you can use (including the ones described in the testimonial above) in the FREE reports that I offer.

You do not have to be a member of any of my programs to get these
reports…even if you are a pen and paper player, you can still benefit by reading these FREE reports because they will give you IDEAS you can use to come up with your own system or workout.

To get these free reports, simply email me with SEND FREE REPORTS on the subject line of your email and I will email them to you right away.

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The Pick 3 Coach
August 4, 2017


STRAIGHT Hits Coming Up!

I just sent gold members an explanation of my straight number system. This is an IMPROVED version of the system I sent them earlier (it is still based on the 444 sum 10-17 list I mentioned on my previous post). So if you are a gold member, check your inbox.

And speaking of straight numbers; I am looking to get SEVERAL straight hits over the coming weeks. And if I do get these straight hits (and I WILL get them), I will get them because of the system I just explained to gold members.

And at this point, I don’t think I will be putting this (amazing) system up on Amazon. There is no way I will be giving out this system for just $2.99. However, how good this system is will be proven (or disproven) this and the next week or two. I will be sending out pictures of my wins as soon as I get them.

The 74 Most Important Singles in the Pick 3 Game (Sum 10-17)

I am currently working on a brand new approach to the Pick 3 game. The starting point is targeting a shorter list of numbers (instead of going after all 1000 numbers). The list of numbers that I am now targeting are the Sum 10 (019, 028, 037, 046, 055, 118, 127, 136, 145, 226, 235, 244, 334) to Sum 17 numbers (089, 179, 188, 269, 278, 359, 368, 377, 449, 458, 467, 557, 566). These numbers are the core of 1000 numbers in the Pick 3 game, as you can see in any Sum Chart:


My STRAIGHT number system will be based on the 74 SINGLES on this list (they are shown in red at the bottom of this page). 

Why am I only targeting singles?

Because singles hit 72% of the time.

Also, I will be updating the 25 Groups the “The Workout” program is based on (you can see all 25 Groups listed on “The 25 Groups” program in the VIP section).


The 74 singles can be converted into 444 straight numbers (74 X 6). I will be dividing these 444 numbers in a similar way I divided the 25 groups. However, now the groups will have LESS straight numbers to play. Most likely there will be 10 straight numbers per group (instead of 40). There will be 44 Groups (43 groups of 10 numbers each and the 44th group will have 14 numbers: 43 X 10 = 430. And 430 + 14 = 444).

This means that you would do the same workout you would do to find the most due group – but this time the most due group will most likely have just 10 straight numbers to play. The best time to use this system is at the end of the month (say July 31). The 10 straight numbers will be good for the following month (August). There is an excellent chance that at least one of the numbers will  hit STRAIGHT during the following 30 days (and keep in mind that a $1 straight hit pays $900 at 5dimes.com!)

This is ONE way I will be using these 74 singles.

The other way I will be using these 74 singles is in the OTHER straight number system I am working on (if you are on my email list you should have gotten a list of straight numbers I sent out for several states yesterday. If you are not on my email list, email me here to be added: aanewyork4000@gmail.com).

All the straight numbers in this NEW system will be sum 10 to sum 17 numbers. So now you know where I am getting the numbers from (they are all sum 10-17 numbers) – but I have not explained yet how I come up with the actual numbers to play for each state. I will explain that at a future time. And just so you know, I am calling this new system The 10 Set Straight Number System because the MOST IMPORTANT part of this system is that you will ALWAYS be playing at least 10 straight numbers and the structure of these 10 numbers will be as follows: 0xx, 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx.

In other words, you will ALWAYS have a 1% chance of getting a STRAIGHT hit. 

If you play TWO sets of these numbers (20 straight numbers), you will ALWAYS have a 2% chance of hitting…just based on the fact that you are ALWAYS going to get the FIRST digit right EVERY TIME.

Brilliant, isn’t?

And I am increasing the chances that you hit because you will always be playing SINGLES, because as I stated, they hit 72% of the time (doubles only hit 27% of the time).

Below are all 114 sun 10 to sum 17 numbers in the Pick 3 game. I copied them into the Singles and Doubles program to get the singles only and doubles only numbers separated. As you can see, the 114 numbers are made up of 74 singles, 38 doubles, and 2 triples. I will mostly be using the 74 singles, or more specifically, the 444 straight numbers that can be made from these singles.

Make sure you are on my email list to get the latest developments on these two NEW Systems: The 44 Groups and The 10 Set Straight Number System.

Singles and Doubles
114 Numbers used
019 028 029 037 038 039 046 047 048 049 055 056 057 058 059
066 067 068 069 077 078 079 088 089 118 119 127 128 129 136
137 138 139 145 146 147 148 149 155 156 157 158 159 166 167
168 169 177 178 179 188 226 227 228 229 235 236 237 238 239
244 245 246 247 248 249 255 256 257 258 259 266 267 268 269
277 278 334 335 336 337 338 339 344 345 346 347 348 349 355
356 357 358 359 366 367 368 377 444 445 446 447 448 449 455
456 457 458 466 467 555 556 557 566

019 028 029 037 038 039 046 047 048 049 056 057 058 059 067
068 069 078 079 089 127 128 129 136 137 138 139 145 146 147
148 149 156 157 158 159 167 168 169 178 179 235 236 237 238
239 245 246 247 248 249 256 257 258 259 267 268 269 278 345
346 347 348 349 356 357 358 359 367 368 456 457 458 467 (74)

055 066 077 088 118 119 155 166 177 188 226 227 228 229 244
255 266 277 334 335 336 337 338 339 344 355 366 377 445 446
447 448 449 455 466 556 557 566 (38)

444 555 (2)

New Kindle!