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The Next Block System Report (Data Sheet)

I will be putting up another Block system report in a day or two. In the meantime, I will say this:It is actually best to include ALL the numbers that hit(including doubles and triples) because not includingthese will not give you a realistic representation ofwhat is really going on in the game right now. You […]

The Block System is up! (38 Page PDF/Excel Sheet)

I just put up a 38 page PDF report that explains thenewly updated BLOCK SYSTEM in detail. Included is an EXCEL tracking system. Instructions are provided on how to track the numbersusing pen and paper if you are not familiar with Excel. This is all FREE. You can download the 38 page PDF and Excel […]

522 Removes 02 and 57

522 just hit New York. The blocks are:1302485769 522 has blocks 02 and 57. The remaining blocks are these:134869 This reinforces what I said before(that the three hottest blocks are 13-48-69). The playlist for these six digits is this:134 136 138 139 146 148 149 168 169 189346 348 349 368 369 389 468 469 […]

Blocks 13–02–48–57–69 (Updated)

I am updating the block system to reducethe amount of numbers. Each block now has two digits. The new blocks are these:13–02–48–57–69 At any point in time, three of these blocksare dominant in any state. I explain how to identity the three hottest blocks below. This means that there are only 20 numbersto deal with […]

Blocks 13–024–578–69

NEW REPORT!!Blocks 13-024-578-69 Its the top report here: This system can be used as a Draw to Draw system! ================================================= If you are not able to download the report,email me with SEND ME BLOCK REPORTon the subject line of your email and I willemail it to you. You can email me

The HONEST Truth About the Pick 3 Game

I just wrote a brand new report where I explainthe honest truth about the Pick 3 game. This report is FREE. It is the top report on this page:

You can renew for a YEAR

If you are currently a paid member (you have access to my programs), you can renew for 12 months for just $60. This means that if your membership runs out, I suggest that you do NOT pay $30 for 3 months. It is best that you pay $60 because that extra $30 will add 9 […]

The Target, Due Line and Due Pairs

The 3 programs listed below will usually give you a good idea of what Pick 3 numbers will be hitting next. > 10-DUE PAIRS> THE TARGET> PICK 3 MASTER For example, the target in New York right now is this:012 013 014 015 And the most due line is this:012 013 014 015 016 017 […]

Straight Hits from the March 4 Report

Below are straight hits from the last report I posted (26-DUE STATES-MAR 4) on March 4, which you can find HERE. The G number tells you where the hit came from: G1 is the top group, G2 is the middle group and G3 is the last or bottom group. MONDAY—MAR 8Indiana–493 Straight (G3)Ohio–072 Straight (G2) […]

NEW Report–60 Straight Numbers ((FREE))

I just put up 60 straight numbers for 26 states. The report is titled:26-DUE STATES-MAR 4.pdf This report is FREE. Its the top report here: These are straight numbers-but you will also see several BOX hits from these numbers as well.