Ontario Canada

The Hottest Numbers This Week for North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, and Texas! (VIP Program Numbers)

Below are the hottest numbers from the VIP programs I currently have for North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, and Texas. I am using the 60 numbers from Book-47 (all the state based VIP programs require 60 numbers to work-they are in box form below). I am showing you theĀ output of the programs for these states below. […]

ONTARIO Canada: Play 582 Straight in August

I am givingĀ this one away for FREE. If you play the Ontario Canada numbers, I suggest you play 582 straight in August. Below is the output of the Straight Group Matching 300 program. To understand the theory this straight number system is based on, read THIS BOOK. Straight Group Matching 300 300 Numbers used: 582 […]