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Key 2358

I found an interesting way of reducing the list of 64 singles on the control list. If you put all 64 numbers on the Visual Digit Distribution program, you will see that the top four digits on the list are 2, 3, 5, and 8…or 2358. This means that if 237 hits (which has digits 23 […]

The 36 Doubles That Matter the Most

I just put up two “Super List 136” programs based on an experimental list. After the program was up, I figured out a way to shrink it down to just 100 numbers. This means that I will soon replace these 136 numbers with just 100 numbers.  My future “Super List 100” programs will replace this list […]


The brand new “Revelation 4” program for Pick 3 is up and running right now at The new updated 207 system will be based on this program. The Revelation 4 program automatically turns all numbers entered into box form and then gives you a reference box for these box numbers. I am pretty busy […]

Update for Sunday June 15

Today is Sunday June 15. Three announcements. If you play New York numbers or if you have a 5dimes account, pay attention to these numbers in the next few days, with a special emphasis on 358, 359, 368, 369. All 8 numbers are good until TWO of them hit: 348 349 357 358 359 368 […]

Q and A: Back Test Everything I Say

QUESTION: Anthony you said in a recent email that using the RB3-8 programs top numbers for next 4 drawings you “could” get a straight hit 6-ways. How are you doing the Win-Loss sequence to look for winning patterns? Are u doing a RB3-8 after every drawing, 2 drawings, 4 drawings?   ANSWER: ALWAYS back test […]

Update Report for June 12, 2014

Click on the link below to open a PDF report with my latest updates! Thursday June 12 UPDATES ============================================================= Questions? Comments? You can email me at The Pick 3 Coach –

Q and A: The Pick 3 Challenge

Question: Anthony, I am just visiting your site, now my question is: are you making predictions? The reason is very common, I do not win and my last winning took place 3 months ago.   Answer: I do not make predictions, except occasionally for New York. Remember, this is a game of chance. It is based on randomness. […]