Q and A: Back Test Everything I Say

QUESTION: Anthony you said in a recent email that using the RB3-8 programs top numbers for next 4 drawings you “could” get a straight hit 6-ways. How are you doing the Win-Loss sequence to look for winning patterns? Are u doing a RB3-8 after every drawing, 2 drawings, 4 drawings?


ANSWER: ALWAYS back test everything I say in your state to see if it’s true for you. 

I have a love-hate relationship with the RB-3 program….sometimes the numbers hit soon after…..but usually there is a long time between hits, which basically will make you lose any money you may have won before. So I am no longer that excited about this program.

What I am liking ALOT now is using different reference boxes to track numbers.

For example, last night I used the List 80, 60 control number and the 40 power number reference boxes (3 difference reference boxes, all created on the “Reference Box 4” program) ….and they are excellent at helping you predict numbers….especially after a number hits from the top or bottom of a particular reference box.

So play around with this strategy; predicting numbers based on different reference boxes.

See my RB60 report for more details.

(I am NOT resending the RB60 report….its just too good. You will have to join my coaching program to get it if you did not get it when I emailed it out).

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