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346 hits New York AGAIN!

634 (346) just hit New York again (midday Tuesday August 26, 2014)! New Rule: Keep each of the 10 numbers until they hit TWICE. In other words, only remove a number AFTER it has hit 2 times. So 346 can now be removed from the list. Make sure you read my report where I explain how you can […]

The Watch List Report (Aug 26)

How did I come up with that list of 10 numbers that resulted in a hit 2 days later? Click on the link below to open up my report that tells you how! 10-WatchList-Report

643 (346) hit New York on Monday Aug 25

One of the 10 numbers I posted hit New York 2 days later. 643 (346) hit New York on midday on Monday August 25. 127, 145, 156, 179, 238, 246, 248, 346, 357, 378

Play 179 in New York Today (Sat Aug 23)

If you play New York numbers (or if you have a 5dimes account), play 179 today and tomorrow for both midday and evening. In addition, these 10 numbers are good for New York until one of them hits.127, 145, 156, 179, 238, 246, 248, 346, 357, 378 The Pick 3 Coach

New Report for 8-20-2014

New Report: Find out what’s working right now in Pick 3! Whats-Working-Now-Aug-20-2014

System 88 (Brand New!!)

Brand New System!! SYSTEM-88

Update to the Group Matching System

There will be a simple (but very useful) update to the Group Matching System program coming up soon: it will list the numbers that hit just once as the 1-Way Match list (see below). Enter the last 100 numbers and this 1-way list will quickly tell you numbers that are due to hit soon. Cross […]

A Straight Hit in Texas – Report for 8-8-2014

Click on the link below to open new report for August 8, 2014.  A Straight Hit in Texas