List Reduction

432 Hit New Jersey

PREDICTION Posted on May 3: The number did not hit as 324 – but it hit. Notice that I am posting LESS than 5 numbers for some states. I am using a very powerful reduction strategy to come up with these numbers. I will explain what I am doing on my next product.

241 Just Hit New York (Line 3)

I sent out a free report last night. (Click on link below to open the PDF report).  rundown-list-tracking-system This report explains a system that is good for ALL states. The system is based on my Rundown List program. I predicted that a number from line 1, 2, or 3 will be hitting New York soon. 241 (124) […]

The Rundown List Tracking System (FREE Report!)

Click on link below to open this FREE Report! Rundown-list-tracking-system

FREE Report: 3 Powerful Filters and 40 Hot Numbers

Click on link below to open the free report. 3-powerful-filters-40 ================================= 40 Box Numbers for NY (892 just hit NY) 013 014 015 017 018 019 023 027 028 029 034 035 036 037 038 039 048 049 057 067 068 079 089 123 124 134 135 136 137 138 139 145 146 148 157 […]

346 hits New York AGAIN!

634 (346) just hit New York again (midday Tuesday August 26, 2014)! New Rule: Keep each of the 10 numbers until they hit TWICE. In other words, only remove a number AFTER it has hit 2 times. So 346 can now be removed from the list. Make sure you read my report where I explain how you can […]

The Watch List Report (Aug 26)

How did I come up with that list of 10 numbers that resulted in a hit 2 days later? Click on the link below to open up my report that tells you how! 10-WatchList-Report

643 (346) hit New York on Monday Aug 25

One of the 10 numbers I posted hit New York 2 days later. 643 (346) hit New York on midday on Monday August 25. 127, 145, 156, 179, 238, 246, 248, 346, 357, 378

A Straight Hit in Texas – Report for 8-8-2014

Click on the link below to open new report for August 8, 2014.  A Straight Hit in Texas

15-Number Report for July 30, 2014

Most of my programs give you 20, 30, 40, and even 80 numbers to play. But I just came up with a brilliant system that gives you just 15 numbers to play! See my new report below to learn this new amazing system. Note: This report contains some pretty advanced stuff and if you are […]

NEW PDF Report: Record the Numbers in Box Form

Click on the link below to upload my latest report on the benefits of recording the results in your state in box form. Record the Numbers in Box Form