List Reduction

I Found a Better Power List Strategy

Its Sunday night, Feb 16. I posted 149 on my short list two nights ago. It just hit straight. These are my hot picks for NY, good until they hit: 056 058 158 159 237 257 I found something better! I just found a better way to find your Power 10 list good for YOUR specific state using information provided […]

A Winning Pick 3 Formula!

Here is a formula to win the pick 3 game. And it only requires playing a few numbers. Find the 10 most due Power Numbers for your state. I explained how to do this on the post right before this one; “Power 10: Simplify Your Game.” Read it to learn how to find the most […]

Power 10: Simplify Your Game

I learned alot this weekend. The most important thing I learned is this: I can NOT go after EVERY number in Pick 3. It’s just too many numbers. That is why people have such a hard time trying to get a hit; they are trying to hit ANY and EVERY possible number of the game […]

Match Due Pairs List and 40 Power Numbers

I just found out that you get a very powerful list when you find the 2-way match between the due pairs list and the 40 Power Numbers. This 2-way list is usually between 10 and 20 numbers – but one or two of the numbers tends to hit in the next few drawings. However, you […]

Find Due Pairs/DTD 2-Way Match List

I have a suggestion for you. Start keeping track of the 2-way  match list between the Due Pairs list and the 80 numbers from the DTD program. First you have to enter the last 25 numbers that hit your state into the “Due Pairs Play List” program to get the most due singles in your […]

FREE Access to Coming up!

Today is Tuesday February 4, 2014. Pay attention to my emails for the next few days. (You can join my email list automatically by sending a blank email to I will be giving everyone FREE access to for 48 hours. That should be enough time for everyone to try out both the updated Box […]

Updated Box DTD Reduction Plus a New Program!

I am going to make an improvement on the Box DTD Reduction program which will make it easier to read the numbers. The program will show the numbers from lowest to highest. Right now it shows: Box DTD Reduction Playlist 467-467-025: 046 246 456 047 247 457 067 267 567 (9)   (not in order) It […]

The Top 40 Doubles in Pick 3

You will notice that my programs do not give you doubles. That’s because 72% of the numbers that hit in Pick 3 are singles. Doubles hit only 27% of the time.  So I focus mostly on singles. However, I list the top 40 doubles in the “Super List 120” program at the bottom. If you […]

VDD Digits and Pairs: NEW Report for October 30

VDD Digits and Pairs (NEW Report for October 30) Click on the link below to open the PDF report. VDD-DIGITS-PAIRS

How to Create Your Own Personal Hotlist

I have created several lists.  Question is; how can you create your own personal list of hot numbers?  Very simple; find your favorite numbers near the center of the sum chart. That would be numbers with sum 12 to sum 15. You can pick both singles and doubles or just singles or doubles; it’s up […]