List Reduction

15-Number Report for July 30, 2014

Most of my programs give you 20, 30, 40, and even 80 numbers to play. But I just came up with a brilliant system that gives you just 15 numbers to play! See my new report below to learn this new amazing system. Note: This report contains some pretty advanced stuff and if you are […]

NEW PDF Report: Record the Numbers in Box Form

Click on the link below to upload my latest report on the benefits of recording the results in your state in box form. Record the Numbers in Box Form    

Reconsidering the Power 10 List

Maybe the 10 most due numbers (Power 10) are numbers that you should NOT play…since they are the coldest. This would mean that only the remaining 30 PN should be considered. Which would make things better actually since now the play list is shorter (30 numbers, not 40). I say this because 056 should have […]

I Found a Better Power List Strategy

Its Sunday night, Feb 16. I posted 149 on my short list two nights ago. It just hit straight. These are my hot picks for NY, good until they hit: 056 058 158 159 237 257 I found something better! I just found a better way to find your Power 10 list good for YOUR specific state using information provided […]

A Winning Pick 3 Formula!

Here is a formula to win the pick 3 game. And it only requires playing a few numbers. Find the 10 most due Power Numbers for your state. I explained how to do this on the post right before this one; “Power 10: Simplify Your Game.” Read it to learn how to find the most […]

Power 10: Simplify Your Game

I learned alot this weekend. The most important thing I learned is this: I can NOT go after EVERY number in Pick 3. It’s just too many numbers. That is why people have such a hard time trying to get a hit; they are trying to hit ANY and EVERY possible number of the game […]

Match Due Pairs List and 40 Power Numbers

I just found out that you get a very powerful list when you find the 2-way match between the due pairs list and the 40 Power Numbers. This 2-way list is usually between 10 and 20 numbers – but one or two of the numbers tends to hit in the next few drawings. However, you […]