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Win 4 Numbers for THIS WEEK! (MO, NY, NC, TX)

Click on the link below to get the WIN 4 numbers for THIS WEEK  (SEPT 29 to OCT 6) for Missouri, New York, North Carolina, and Texas! WIN 4 Numbers for MO-NY-NC-TX

Win 4 Updates for NY, TX, MO, NC, GA!

Good for New York until Saturday October 6: 5587, 4483, 5337, 2199, 8813, 0019, 0443, 4552 4336, 2287, 2237, 8896, 8867, 8166, 8339, 4481 ============================ I just updated the Win 4 sheet for New York. To get it, email me with SEND NEW YORK SEPT 29 on the subject line of your email and I […]

The TEXAS Win 4 Program is Up!

The Texas program is up on the Gold section of my site! Win-4 Programs > TEXAS ABC-30  > WIN 4 DAILY HITS > WIN 4 LISTS > 1-DUE LINE > REVELATION 60 > PLUS 1/MINUS 1-4 Read the program instructions carefully. This program is to be used on SATURDAY night. Enter the last 40 numbers […]

Did You Get – “WHERE is that Code on the MAP?”

I just sent out an ADVANCED coding lesson titled: “WHERE is that Code on the MAP?” You should have gotten it if you are a Basic, Gold, or Express member. Let me know if you did not get it…. (but check your spam folder first).  To get it, email me with this on the subject line of […]

How to Identify the Hottest DOUBLES to Play in the Win 4 Game (Texas-Part 2)

I just put out a Kindle explaining a system for the WIN 4 game in Texas. After writing it I realized something; since my coding system allows me to see the codes of ALL the hottest WIN 4 numbers that will hit in the next 7 days, why not just play the hottest DOUBLES (and […]

TEXAS Numbers for THIS WEEK!

Good for TEXAS until Saturday Sept 29.  There are 3 groups of numbers: A, B, C. Most of the numbers are DOUBLES. Each group has 10 numbers. Groups A and B are the Best. All the numbers on groups A and B are doubles. Group C has a double, 4 triples, and 5 double-doubles. You should […]

The TEXAS Win 4 Kindle is up on Amazon!

===================================================== Email me the code on the last page to get the Excel sheet and the PDF edition of the Kindle. You should read this Kindle even if you do not play TX numbers because in it I explain my NEW updated lists of Rules you should follow to Win Big in the Win 4 game. I […]

23 WIN 4 Numbers for New York (Sept 23-29)

New Better System. Three groups (A, B, C).  Groups A and B are the best.  Good for New York until Saturday Sept 29. Group A: 1157, 4450, 1007, 3377, 3366, 8822, 9888 Group B: 3382, 3440, 4119, 4006, 9957, 9822, 5567, 5866, 5002 Group C: 3522, 4497, 4458, 4588, 1955, 5580, 5526

New York WIN 4 Report SENT!

I just sent out a 30 page PDF report explaining how I came up with the codes on the NY WIN 4 Excel sheet. Check your inbox if you are a Basic, Gold, or Express member. If not, email me with SEND NY WIN 4 REPORT on the subject line of your email and I […]

NEW Win 4 Sheet for New York SENT! (Doubles Only! Win $750 or $1500)

If you are on my EXPRESS list (or if you are a Basic or Gold member) check your inbox because I just sent you my NEW updated Excel sheet for the New York Win 4  game (updated today; September 21). This NEW sheet does NOT have singles (I will no longer be playing singles in […]