NEW Win 4 Sheet for New York SENT! (Doubles Only! Win $750 or $1500)

If you are on my EXPRESS list (or if you are a Basic or Gold member) check your inbox because I just sent you my NEW updated Excel sheet for the New York Win 4  game (updated today; September 21).

This NEW sheet does NOT have singles (I will no longer be playing singles in the Win 4 game) – it only has DOUBLES and a few double-doubles and one triple.

These numbers pay much MORE at For example, a $1 box hit on a double pays $750 and a $1 box hit on a double-double pays $1500!

GOOD NEWS! I will be creating a similar Excel sheet (doubles only) for TEXAS, MISSOURI and NORTH CAROLINA very soon!

To be added to my EXPRESS list (to get my latest reports and updates right away) email me with this on the subject line of your email: EXPRESS-NEW SHEET. I will add your email to my Express list and email you my new updated NY sheet right away. You can email me at

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