Automatic Hotlist

NY Report: Automatic Hot List, Super Six, Followers, Group Matching

UPDATE: I posted the lists below on Friday morning (June 26). I posted these lists to make a point: the brand NEW Automatic Hot List program WORKS…and you can reduce the list by cross-referencing it with other lists…specially the followers list (which I am now offering at a special price: email me for details). RESULT: 591 hit […]

Match the Automatic Super List with the Followers (Special Price)

QUESTION Hey Anthony with this hot list should one input for new numbers everyday where one would play the generated numbers for both midday and evening (evening in the case that it misses on the midday draw) OR after every draw in which a new list of numbers is generated for each draw individually?   ANSWER […]

The Automatic Hot List Program is Up on!

The Automatic Hot List program is up! This is an AMAZING program that will give you winning numbers  over and over again! Here is a recent hit from this program in North Carolina.  The Automatic Hot List 10 numbers used: 678 146 113 116 134 233 237 467 155 055 Playlist: 1204-3154-3567: 013 015 016 […]

The Automatic Hot List

I just realized something. The playlist generated by the Revelation 4-10 program is ALWAYS hot. ALWAYS. In ALL States. You just need the Box Positional Control program to generate the actual playlist. Here is the current list for NY. Revelation 4-10 10 numbers used: 199 129 028 259 037 169 037 038 369 445 REV4: […]