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Follower-3 is up on Amazon!

Follower-3 is up on Amazon! Get the ONE Super Follower of EVERY Number in the Game! This Book has the Delta-5 of ALL 220 Numbers on One List

October 31 Group

Go to this page for details:

Straight 1-2 are up on Amazon!

The Straight-1 and Straight-2 books are up on Amazon! Here are the links…. After the numbers start hitting….please post a review. If you do, email me the link to your review for my special gift. UPDATE I will be putting up the Straight-3 (TX, FL, NC, etc) and the Straight-4 (AZ, CA, GA, etc) […]

The Follower-3 PDF is Ready!! Only $9.99 for All Delta-5 Keys

This book has the Delta-5 digits and the Delta-3 NUMBER for all 220 box numbers in the Pick 3 game. If you recall, the Delta-3 number is a single (ONE) “super follower” that tends to hit after a number – and every number in the Pick 3 game has its own Delta-3 number. This book […]

The Straight-2 PDF is Ready!! Straight Numbers for August!

This book has a SHORT list of Straight Numbers to Play! Here is the amount of numbers predicted for each state: •2 Straight Numbers for Arizona •3 Straight Numbers for California •4 Straight Numbers for Georgia •3 Straight Numbers for Illinois •5 Straight Numbers for Michigan •4 Straight Numbers for Nebraska •3 Straight Numbers for […]

The Straight-2 Book Cover

ONTARIO Canada: Play 582 Straight in August

I am giving this one away for FREE. If you play the Ontario Canada numbers, I suggest you play 582 straight in August. Below is the output of the Straight Group Matching 300 program. To understand the theory this straight number system is based on, read THIS BOOK. Straight Group Matching 300 300 Numbers used: 582 […]

The PDF Version of the Straight-1 Book is Now Available For Purchase for Just $9.99

This book has Straight Number Predictions for Texas, Florida, North/South Carolina and New York for August. It is only $9.99. Email me with “STRAIGHT-1 PDF” on the subject line at I will send you a Paypal invoice for $9.99. After I get payment, I will email you the document right away. The straight numbers […]

The Book Cover of the Straight-1 Book

Straight-2 and Delta-5 Print Edition

I have more good news! I have the states for the Straight-2 book now. I will be making straight number predictions for these 10 states for August. Here are those 10 states: 1-Arizona – AZ 2-California – CA 3-Georgia – GA 4-Illinois – IL 5-Michigan – MI 6-Nebraska – NE 7-New Jersey – NJ 8-Ohio […]