Straight 1-2 are up on Amazon!

The Straight-1 and Straight-2 books are up on Amazon!

Here are the links….

After the numbers start hitting….please post a review.

If you do, email me the link to your review for my special gift.

I will be putting up the Straight-3 (TX, FL, NC, etc) and the Straight-4 (AZ, CA, GA, etc) books up on Amazon around August 15. These will give straight numbers good for August 15 to September 15. Not sure if this will be an ongoing thing (putting up numbers on the 15th of the month), but I will be doing it this month. The Straight 5 (TX, FL, NC, etc) and Straight-6 (AZ, CA, GA, etc) books will be up on Amazon around August 31.

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