My NEW Control List: Testers Wanted

This is a list of 100 numbers made up of 60 singles and 40 doubles. This list will replace my old C100 list which was made up of only singles. 100 Control Numbers (60 singles and 40 doubles)  018 028 029 038 048 055 056 057 058 059 066 068 077 078 088 089 118 […]

NJ has 6 Doubles and VA has 4 Doubles

I want to give everybody a heads up; New Jersey just got 6 back to back doubles: And Virginia just got 4 back to back doubles: If you are brand new; this means that singles are about to hit next, especially in New Jersey. This is the best time to start using my C100 system. […]

How to Find a “Good” State

Here is a quick and easy way of finding out if a state is “good” or “bad” to use my systems. Simply look at the last 30 drawings and count how many power numbers have hit. Take a count. Do that for a few states. States with a high count of power numbers are more […]

NEW Updated C100 System Works!

I just made a dramatic improvement to the C100 system. With this new system, you only have to play 40 numbers! That’s way better than 100 numbers. How good is this new updated system? Well, I hit Virginia last night! You can see a screen shoot of my winning below.  I want to get a few […]

Email Me When You See 4 Consecutive Doubles

Please email me if you see a state with 4 or more back to back doubles on us-lotteries.com. I think it’s better if we all work together on this than each person looking up every state every night to see if doubles hit or not that day. As soon as you tell me, I will […]

Only Use the First 3 Digits

The Digit Playlist 100 program is up and running at pick3programs.com. If you are on my coaching program you can log in and check it out. I made a great discovery today. I found out that you only need the first 3 digits from the Digits Analysis chart, not all 5 digits. This reduces the […]

Using the Top 5 digits on the Digit Playlist 80 program

Here is a little experiment. Just so you know; the 100 C100 numbers started out as the List 80 numbers. I just added 20 numbers to List 80 to create the C100 list. In other words, List 80 is a shorter version of the C100 list. So am running a little experiment. The top 5 […]

“Digits Analysis” Gives You The Best Digits Too

You can also get the hottest digits for any state at any point in time by going to http://us-lotteries.com, clicking on any state, and then going to the “Digits Analysis” page for that state. Go to the bottom of the page. Click on “Last 30 Draws.” Then click on “Arrange by Frequency.” This is what it shows for […]

NEW Program: Digit Playlist 100

I will be putting a new digit playlist program up at pick3programs.com. It will be based on the C100 numbers. This will allow you to reduce your list by only playing those numbers that have the specific digits you want. For example, if you only want those numbers that have a 2, 5, 7, and […]

Remove the digit 8 from the C100 List for Florida

Notice that two doubles that just hit in Florida: 088 and 818. This can be interpreted two ways in terms of the C100 system: only play the numbers that have digit 8. Another interpretation: only play all the numbers WITHOUT the digit 8 in the next 4 to 6 drawings because they are due. Let’s see what […]