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My NEW Money Blog is Ready!

I told you about my new money blog a few days ago. Well, it’s now ready! Read the post at the bottom FIRST: “1. Today is Wednesday Jan 15, 2014“ Here it is:

NEW Money Blog Coming up for 2014

My New $10K a Month Strategy! It’s a New Year and like everybody else I have goals for 2014. Here is my goal: make more money! And speaking of money: If you have been with me for a while you know that early on I talked about making $10,000 a month. I even posted about […]

The Top 40 Doubles in Pick 3

You will notice that my programs do not give you doubles. That’s because 72% of the numbers that hit in Pick 3 are singles. Doubles hit only 27% of the time.  So I focus mostly on singles. However, I list the top 40 doubles in the “Super List 120” program at the bottom. If you […]

Happy New Year Everybody! FREE Access!

Happy New Year everybody! I have a special New Years gift for everybody. I am giving everybody 7 day free access to If you are totally new to my systems, this is a great way to learn how to use my programs free of charge! Here is the log in information: Sign in page: […]