Power Numbers

POWER 5 (Updated Program)

I just updated the Power program. The old version gave you 10 numbers; this version only gives you 5 numbers. This program also uses the last 1400 numbers. These 5 numbers are a bit different from the General 5 numbers. You may want to test both lists in your state to see which set of […]

The Power 10 Program Revisited

Click on link below to Open my latest Report! The Power 10 Program Revisited

Sneaky Way to Get a Pick 3 Hit

If you are on my paid coaching program, check your email. I just sent out an update to the $600 Report on a “sneaky” way to get a hit using information provided FREE of charge by us-lotteries.com This strategy will blow you away! If you are not on my paid coaching program, you can sign […]

My Most Advanced Strategies are on the $600 Report

Lately I have been posting my latest and most advanced Pick 3 strategies as additional chapters on the $600 Report. Right Now the report is up to 36 pages…and it’s still growing. The only people who have been able to read this special report are the current members of my paid coaching program. And just […]

Why Did That Power Number Hit?

That should be your main question every time a Power Number hits in your state.  514 hit New York today. Why? There are several reasons. For one, the two key digits for 6 drawings in a row were 1 and 4. Another reason: the One Key program gave key 1 for SIX consecutive drawings before […]

Reconsidering the Power 10 List

Maybe the 10 most due numbers (Power 10) are numbers that you should NOT play…since they are the coldest. This would mean that only the remaining 30 PN should be considered. Which would make things better actually since now the play list is shorter (30 numbers, not 40). I say this because 056 should have […]

How to Find the Hot List for Your State

I am going to show you how to find a hot list for your specific state. This hot list is a list of numbers that will hit soon. This is your “watch list.” These are the numbers you pay attention to. This is a list that you cross reference with other lists (DTD, Code-3, Due Pairs, […]

New Updated Menu – Feb 17

Below you will find the brand new updated menu of pick3programs.com. There is a new category just for Power Programs. I think this new updated menu organizes all the programs in a much more logical manner. Power Programs > OVERLAP-STRATEGY > POWER-FORECAST > ONE KEY > KEY 40 SYSTEM > DIGIT PLAYLIST 40 > POWER 10 […]

3 NEW Power Programs!

Good News!! I just put up 3 brand new programs based on the 40 Power Numbers. If you are on my paid monthly coaching program, log into Pick3programs.com and check out these 3 brand NEW Power programs: 1. Overlap Strategy 2. Power-Forecast 3. Power 10 I will be saying alot about these programs in the […]

I Found a Better Power List Strategy

Its Sunday night, Feb 16. I posted 149 on my short list two nights ago. It just hit straight. http://www.aanewyork.com/post5177.html#p5177 These are my hot picks for NY, good until they hit: 056 058 158 159 237 257 I found something better! I just found a better way to find your Power 10 list good for YOUR specific state using information provided […]