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FL, NC, and GA Numbers for Friday Nov 28

FLORIDA Good for Friday Nov 28 Basic Box 10 Numbers used: 351 487 759 308 924 154 647 118 810 807 Hottest Digits for the Next Two Drawings: 1-0-2 Coldest/Missing: 6 Playlist 1-0-2 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 034 035 036 037 038 039 045 […]

New York = Florida

NY and FL should be the two standard states to use the Basic Box system on because FL is pretty much just like NY. Actually, many times numbers that hit NY tend to hit FL a few days later and vice versa.   Here is a recent example: 942 hit NY on Monday November 24.  924 […]

I Need to Focus on the 85 Numbers

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  I want to make a quick comment about yesterday’s 30 number prediction.   Now that I think about it, I will have to stop making predictions of less than 85 numbers. It may confuse people. It’s actually not good for me because it’s making me lose my focus.   As tempting as these low […]

First 2 Lines in New York – FL, VA

I am expecting a number from the first two lines to hit NY today or tomorrow. This prediction is based on m Visual 85 system which I am  now teaching on the phone coaching session. Good for Wednesday November 26 Basic Box 10 Numbers used: 793 003 915 942 886 099 809 971 549 559 Hottest […]

New Rule for the Basic Box System

EMAIL I JUST GOT (TUE Nov 25) Today I played MI, NY, MD, NJ, and FL. I got a hit on everything but NY (and I think it will hit tonight)  but even if i stopped playing right now I am up 142.50 ahead at 1 dollar boxed. (other than NJ I only played 50 […]

The Problem is Mental

EMAIL I JUST GOT:   Hi Anthony, How are you?  I’ve been using your BASIC BOX system here in Maryland. I started using it Oct. 22. Through tonight, it has hit on 31 of the past 34 days. Pretty good huh? Rather than play all 85 #’s, what I’ve been doing is combining it with another […]