New Rule for the Basic Box System


Today I played MI, NY, MD, NJ, and FL. I got a hit on everything but NY (and I think it will hit tonight)  but even if i stopped playing right now I am up 142.50 ahead at 1 dollar boxed. (other than NJ I only played 50 cent boxed because that one hits the least of all I have tested) The rules tell me to play the evening and double my wager but I won’t. I will only wager 85 more boxed. If I win then my total winnings for the day are 207.50. If I don’t win then I have still made 57.50 for the day. Just thought I would share a little bit with you how I wager. This is my way around when a day misses… NY missed 2 days ago with the 2 doubles in a row.



That is interesting. 

If you are playing multiple states and you are hitting most of them, there is no need to double up for the evening draw to catch up because all the wins make up for that one lost.

Actually, you don’t even have to play the evening drawing at all if you hit most or all of the midday draws.  

You are ahead financially, so there is no need to risk money on the evening drawing.

I will make this one of the rules.  






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