692—>> 498 (FLORIDA)

Someone just told me that the followers do not work in Florida. I asked this person if they read the documents I sent them because I say there that if the next number that hits is not in the first list, it will many times be on the second or third list. That is what […]

087 —>> 246 (Virginia)

The Follower System Works! 087 hit Virginia last night. 246 just hit Virginia. 246 is a follower of 078. The Followers of 078 012 038 045 059 067 136 147 156 189 235 246 248 279 349 379 578 689

668—>> 967 (New York)

The Follower System Works! 668 hit New York last night. 967 just hit New York 679 is a follower of 668. The Followers of 668 013 025 049 057 068 127 149 156 178 236 239 248 345 378 467 589 679

NEW Product: The 3-Way Followers!

I just put up a new product. This product solves the 3 main problems found on my original list of followers. Go here for details:

The Follower Baseline

I am going to work on the followers list to make it better. And part of making it better is establishing a baseline in each state. The idea is this; once my next (updated) set of followers is ready, I will pick a state and go back 100 drawings. I will be looking for a hit […]

What is a TRINITY Number?

The video makes reference to a TRINITY number.  What is that? The word can be used in TWO ways.  First, a trinity refers to the idea that every Pick 3 number is connected to two other numbers. So the word TRINITY refers to a discovery; the connection that every Pick 3 number has to two […]

What is a 3-way Follower?

This should clear up alot of confusion. Here is a question I keep getting: “What is a 3-way follower?” Here is the answer. (I will use the number 009 as an example.) The number 009 is connected to 356 and 237. So this is the trinity of 009: 009-356-237. The corresponding list of followers for […]

$90,000 WON in KANSAS with My Follower System!

AMAZING….but True. Someone just won $90,000 by playing  the 3-way follower of 722 in KANSAS. The number 722 hit Kansas last night (April 14) as you can see HERE. 283 hit on the very NEXT drawing! (Wednesday April 15). The number 238 just happens to be the ONE super follower of 722…and a player played […]

The Followers—-SENT!

If you paid me $60 via Paypal for the followers, check your inbox. The PDF showing all the followers should be there. If not, let me know. If you want PROOF that my followers work, email me with SEND PROOF–THE FOLLOWERS on the subject line of your email. If you have NOT ordered the list […]

The NEW Followers!

If you are on my email list, you should have gotten an email from me explaining my NEW and UPDATED list of followers for the Pick 3 game. My new followers only have 17 numbers and many times one of the 17 numbers hits on the very NEXT drawing! I provide proof of this on […]