How to Get 4 Months of Gold Membership + The Followers

Gold membership is $60 for 3 months access.  I ran a Special during the last week of December. That Special gave you 4 months of Gold membership for $60 (Gold membership gives you access to ALL my Pick 3 and Win 4 programs). NOTE: This includes access to the Lucky 7 Pick 3 program and the Pick […]

The Followers: NEW Report Added

I sent out information about my list of Followers yesterday. I explain the Followers HERE.  I just added a NEW report: The 4-Way List. You will get this new report with the purchase of the Followers (if you already purchased it, this new report should be in your inbox). This 4-Way Report explains how to reduce the […]

The Followers (Easy Simple System!)

I have a very effective 7 Day Coding System that works very well. One problem; it is very complex, so it is not for everybody. If you want something more SIMPLE and straightforward, I have something for you. I have a list of followers for EVERY number in the Pick 3 game.  Click HERE for […]

The Followers (good for all states)

Someone just emailed me and asked me if I have a list of followers. These are numbers that hit on the very next drawing. Actually, I do have such a list. I have a list of followers for all 220 box numbers in the game. There are only singles on the list of followers (no doubles […]

The 7 Number Follower System (FREE Report)

I found a system with 7 straight followers for ALL 1000 numbers in the Pick 3 game. I have a report listing all 1000 numbers and the 7 followers for all of them. To get this FREE report, email me at with “SEND 7 Follower Report” on the subject line of your email and […]

The Easy Draw-to-Draw Follower System (FREE)

823 hit New York for midday yesterday (Sunday December 13, 2015). This was followed by 804. Notice that the digit 8 hit again. I call digit 8 the Repeater. Digit 8 repeated or hit again in the next drawing. This happens over and over again; one of the digits that just hit will hit again in […]

The Follower 4-Quadrant System

EMAIL I JUST GOT: I have a question that I think you will be the right person to help me solve. The question is; that if you have a midday draw of say 876, how do you know which quadrant this will be in? The reason for this question is that the quadrant system has […]

The Followers Super Special: Follower-1, The List, and 60 Day Access (or 90 Day Access)

I am running a “Super Special” today. This Special will give you the Followers-1 book (which introduces and explains the followers) PLUS the actual list of followers (000 to 999) PLUS 60 day access. 2nd Option: If you have these books already, I can give you 90 day access for $60. ============================ ============================ One catch; you […]

The Follower System Special: 5 Books and 60 Day Access and CS-3 for $99

My Followers is every Pick 3 players dream: having a list of followers for every number in the game. Just look up the last number that hit your state, look it up on the list, and bang!! There is a list of numbers with a good chance of hitting next. There is A LOT I […]

Follower-3 is up on Amazon!

Follower-3 is up on Amazon! Get the ONE Super Follower of EVERY Number in the Game! This Book has the Delta-5 of ALL 220 Numbers on One List