The Followers Super Special: Follower-1, The List, and 60 Day Access (or 90 Day Access)

I am running a “Super Special” today. This Special will give you the Followers-1 book (which introduces and explains the followers) PLUS the actual list of followers (000 to 999) PLUS 60 day access. 2nd Option: If you have these books already, I can give you 90 day access for $60. ============================ ============================ One catch; you […]

The Follower System Special: 5 Books and 60 Day Access and CS-3 for $99

My Followers is every Pick 3 players dream: having a list of followers for every number in the game. Just look up the last number that hit your state, look it up on the list, and bang!! There is a list of numbers with a good chance of hitting next. There is A LOT I […]

Follower-3 is up on Amazon!

Follower-3 is up on Amazon! Get the ONE Super Follower of EVERY Number in the Game! This Book has the Delta-5 of ALL 220 Numbers on One List

Book Cover of My Next Book: Follower-3

The Follower-1 Book is Ready!

The Follower-1 Book is Ready! However, there are some technical difficulties. The problem should be fixed later today hopefully. You can wait for the problem to be fixed…or if you want it right now, you can email me with “F1-$9.99” on the subject line. I will send you a Paypal invoice for $9.99. After I get payment, I […]

How to Get 4 Month Access PLUS the Followers List at a HUGE Discount

Just follow these steps to get 4 months access (120 days) to AND the Followers List at a HUGE discount. 1-Buy Volume 2 and email me the code you see on chapter 36. This will give you 30 days of FREE access to my programs. You will find Volume 2 HERE. 2-Buy the Followers […]

Looking Ahead: The NEXT Book

Email I just got……. Hey Anthony…I am excited about learning the new workout in the book this coming week. I know the information will be awesome!!! And yes I’ll take a box hit off of one number! Depending on how often the workout produces a winner, I would probably combo the number for a straight […]