The Follower System Special: 5 Books and 60 Day Access and CS-3 for $99

My Followers is every Pick 3 players dream: having a list of followers for every number in the game. Just look up the last number that hit your state, look it up on the list, and bang!! There is a list of numbers with a good chance of hitting next. There is A LOT I am planning to do with these followers and when I have the time (I am really busy with the Revelation programs and the Cheat Sheets right now) I am going to sit down and do MAGIC with these numbers. In the meantime, it would be great if you had the list and the strategies related to the followers, which I offer in the Follower-1 and Follower-3 books. And today I am offering a special; get the 5 books below AND 60 day access to AND the current Cheat Sheet for $99. You can check out the links below to learn more about these books. (NOTE: If you become a VIP Member, you get all this for free. Email me for details: If interest in this $99 Special, email me with “$99 Follower Special” on the subject line and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $99. I will send you the PDF version of the books right after I get payment.

Followers-1: Introduction to the Follower System
Followers-2:  The List 000-999
Basic List and Print Edition List
Followers-3: Delta-5 and the Shorlist (Basic and Print Edition)

Book covers are below.










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