Keep an eye on my 5 number page HERE. LOUISIANA: 023 024 025 169 258Good for 14 Days: June 17-30 025 hit Louisiana the next day. One of the 4 other numbers should hit before the 30th:Louisiana: 023 024 169 258 Five numbers (for any state) can be purchased HERE.

Washington DC: 019 039 139 159 359

Here is the original list: WASHINGTON, D.C.—Keys 05319Good for Sunday to Saturday (April 24-30)013 015 019 035 039 059 135 139 159 359 (10) REDUCED: 019, 039, 139, 159, 359. I explain how I reduced the 10 numbers down to 5 in this NEW REPORT HERE.

NEW YORK: 137 138 139 379 389

Good for this week (April 24-30) for NEW YORK: 137, 138, 139, 379, 389. NEW Report added HERE! This report explains how I reduced the 10 numbers down to 5.

Missouri (843), Texas (702, 502), Georgia (815)

I posted 5 numbers for three states on Sunday April 17. The number 843 hit Missouri last night (April 23). This means that one (or two) of the 5 numbers I posted for this week hit. As you can see, TEXAS got two hits (this system works extremely well in TEXAS). And Georgia got one […]

The 5 Number System Works!

I posted a new product last week. This product explains how to reduce the 10 numbers I post on Sunday down to just 5 numbers. The product is HERE. I posted my 5 number prediction for 3 states. Two of those states already got a hit!

5 Number Prediction ((New Product))

I am predicting these 5 numbers for THIS WEEK. GEORGIAGood for the Week of April 17-23148 149 158 189 459 MISSOURIGood for the Week of April 17-23348 467 468 478 678 TEXASGood for the Week of April 17-23023 025 027 235 237 Explanation of HOW I came up with these numbers is HERE.

I lost money in New York (NEW BETTER SYSTEM)

I have been losing money playing my numbers in New York in the last 2 weeks. So I decided to go back to the basics and do what has worked consistently in the past; hot pairs. Basically, I am relearning the same lesson all over again. After a lot of back testing in the last 48 hours, I have […]


SOUTH CAROLINA (Sept 22-28) 523 639 209 217 194

HIT REPORT for Last Week (Sept 15-21)

If you are a Money Club member, check your inbox because I just sent you the numbers for this week (Sept 22-28). Details on how to join are below. Below are the hits from last week. GEORGIA got two hits and one of them was a straight hit: 079. NEW JERSEY got two hits. If your state did not get a hit […]

The Rules of the 5 Number System ($40,000 System)

I just sent out this report…. The Rules of the 5 Number System ($40,000 System) Did you get it? If you did not get it, email me with SEND ME THE RULES at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.