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The Positional Tracking System (PTS) program is Up and Running!

The Positional Tracking System (PTS) program is up and running right now at This program brings a level of understanding and accuracy to the Pick 3 game never seen before. If you are a student of the game, I can guarantee you this: this program is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Now you […]

The Positional Tracking System: Now a Reality

I talked about the possibility of creating a tracking system at the bottom of my home page. This would be a system that would allow me to track or code ALL the numbers in the game. When I wrote this, it was just a fantasy. See the bottom of the page: Well, that fantasy […]

Sneaky Way to Get a Pick 3 Hit

If you are on my paid coaching program, check your email. I just sent out an update to the $600 Report on a “sneaky” way to get a hit using information provided FREE of charge by This strategy will blow you away! If you are not on my paid coaching program, you can sign […]

Pennsylvania has 21 Cold Numbers: Make $116 in One Day

***How To Make $116 in One Day*** A lot of states have about 10 cold numbers – but Pennsylvania has 21 cold numbers as of April 9. US Lotteries List Chart Numbers Arranged from Lowest to Highest: 014 019 023 024 069 078 089 146 156 169 178 238 257 349 356 358 459 569 579 678 […]

US Lotteries List – NEW PROGRAM

Read all about my new program on this PDF report: NEW-PROGRAMS-4-9 ======================================== I am running two tests today using the brand new US Lotteries List program. There are 120 singles in Pick 3. They hit 72% of the time. I will use this program to shorten that list of 120 singles. TEST 1: I am […]

New Updated Control List

I made a few changes to the Control list. The main sums in the Pick 3 game are 12, 13, 14, and 15. Numbers with these sums form the “core” of the game, as you can see on these charts: Sum Charts.  So I took out four high sum numbers (457 458, 459, 468) and […]

5 and 2 Are The Hottest NY Digits (4-8-2014)

Visual Digit Distribution 8 Numbers used: 425 523 152 685 852 626 576 183 Visual Digit Distribution: 5 2 6 8 1 3 4 7 5 2 6 8 1 3 5 2 6 8 5 2 6 5 2 5  Result: 297 hit on April 9

Q and A: Find the 2 Hottest Digits

Question: I have a question for you. The day before yesterday the key match in NJ was digit 1. It did not hit. Today digits match are 5 7. Should digit 1 be forgotten and 5 and 7 played? Or is digit 1 still good for today in New Jersey? I just wanted to know […]

FREE ACCESS to Pick 3 Programs for 2 days!

Two things. First: FREE access! FREE ACCESS to Pick 3 Programs for 2 days! Sign in page: User ID: Test2 Password: 12345 Secondly, I would like for you to help me test a new system based on the Control List, which is a list of 60 hot numbers in Pick 3. Here is the […]

The Steve Method – Updated $600 Report Sent

If you are on my paid coaching program, check your email because I just sent out the updated $600 Report.  This updated report includes the Steve Method. This is a unique Pick 3 system created by Steve from Texas. He is using this system to get solid consistent hits in Pick 3. See pages 44 […]